EliteWritings.com Review – You Should Avoid

elitewritings.com review

When I first logged onto Elite Writings, I was impressed with their simple yet professional design and seemingly easy to use website. However, this feeling was short lived and as I soon discovered that Elite Writings is one of those writing solutions site you should avoid at all costs.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – Limited Amount of Services
  2. Pricing – High Prices
  3. Content – Not Native Writers
  4. Customer Service – Incredibly Unhelpful Staff
  5. Conclusion

Services – Limited Amount of Services

Compared to other writing solution sites, EliteWritings has a vast amount of services to choose from but it’s worth noting that there’s not as many as some of the other solutions out there. All the basics are covered yet there are a few core essay types missing from the list, meaning it may not be suitable for students looking for a reliable service they can reuse that covers all the bases.

Pricing – High Prices

For my test article, I chose to order a college essay with a two day deadline that was ten pages long. To my horror, I discovered that the total bill came to over $170 and that was with the first time order discount of 25% AND without choosing other premium options such as having my order proofread by an editor. This is extortionate prices and simply not feasible on a student budget.

Content – Not Native Writers

Having received my order a day late, I was quick to notice that the article was written in an extremely poor level of English. This lead me to believe that the article was not written by a native English speaker, as the website promises. The document I received was riddled with spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes and there were only a few bits of key, valuable information statements provided. The majority of the text was just unnecessary filler content.

Customer Service – Incredibly Unhelpful Staff

I took to the on-site live chat to air my complaints and issues and to ask for a refund. After waiting several hours for a reply on the chat, I finally was connected a member of staff who obviously was not a native English speaker and struggled to understand my issues. I explained my situation and asked for a refund, to which I received the reply of that is not possible and I must refer to the refund policy.

This policy is simply a couple of sentences on the FAQ page stating that refunds are given when fairly requested.

EliteWritings.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on EliteWritings.com:

My initial thoughts on EliteWritings.com were quickly changed after I began using the site, much to my disappointment. With poor quality content, terrible customer service and unclear terms of use polices, service users are much better off taking their writing business to more respected and trustworthy companies who offer a much better and much more affordable experience.

Rated: 1.9

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GeeklyLab.com Review – Not Trustworthy

geeklylab.com review

This semester I decided to deal with my stress about school work by admitting I needed some help and using an essay writing service, and I tried out Geekly Lab.

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Table of contents

  1. Services Offered – Impossible to Know What’s Available
  2. Prices – Hopefully You Can Negotiate
  3. Deadlines – Have To Trust Your Writer
  4. Quality Of Writers – Completely Unchecked
  5. Customer Service – Don’t Expect Support
  6. Conclusion

Services Offered – Impossible to Know What’s Available

It’s hard to say exactly what this website offers as there isn’t a set list of tasks to choose from, you just type in what you want, and they tell you if there’s an individual who can do what you want. This didn’t seem safe to me, as anyone can sign up and say they have skills in an area, which they might not be qualified for at all. So basically, there’s any service you type, but also no set list. You also have to sign up and make an account to see what’s available, which feels like a trap.

geeklylab review

Prices – Hopefully You Can Negotiate

Much like the services, there’s also no set price list. So you have to type what you want, see if there’s a person available for that kind of work (hope they can actually do it) and then negotiate a price with them. It may be way higher than expected, or it could be a good deal. It’s hard to know what’s legit, as expensive could seem like a rip off, where a low price could be a scam or a non-native English speaker. There’s no kind of discount or promotion or code or anything to knock the price down as you pay your writer personally.

Deadlines – Have To Trust Your Writer

Much like the services and the prices, you’ll agree on a deadline with your writer, or ‘geek’ and just have to hope they stick to it and don’t let you down. There’s no umbrella system or automatic guarantee. Having a legit writer who is free to answer questions and give updates is ideal, but there’s no guarantee of that.

geeklylab.com services

Quality Of Writers – Completely Unchecked

Literally anyone can login/sign in and become one of their writers. There’s no demanding interview to check the writers are good, you are just trusting your order with someone who wants to make easy money online. They may not have English as a first language or any kind of experience or training. There’s nothing illegal/legal about this as they don’t say their writers are fully checked professionals.

Customer Service – Don’t Expect Support

As everything is worked out between you and your ‘geek’ you’re expected to work out any problems with them. In my case, I had no chance for a refund for a terrible essay, and it took me weeks to get through to a person on the contact number, and even then they offered me no support.

GeeklyLab.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on GeeklyLab.com:

There are some great essay writing services out there that can help students avoid the stress and pressure of demanding college classes, but I had to leave this review to make sure in the future they know to avoid GeeklyLab. Find someone you can trust, which is definitely not this site.

Rated: 2.3

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123Writings.com Review – High Prices

123writings.com review

Having read some great reviews on the site, I was very excited to use 123 Writings for myself and see what all the fuss was about. With a seemingly professional looking site with all the expected features, I had high hopes. Unfortunately, these hopes were rapidly grounded with the delivery of terrible customer service and the extremely low standard of work I received.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – Extremely Limited Services
  2. Pricing – Forced Sign Up and High Prices
  3. Content – Resales & Poor Quality
  4. Customer Service – Unfriendly & Unhelpful
  5. Conclusion

Services – Extremely Limited Services

When using the site, the first thing you’ll notice is the complete absence of an order form or services list. The only list I could find prior to ordering was the price list that shows that the site only provides three services. These is a long shot from the more developed websites that can sometimes offer 50+. I had hopes that this was a specialist site and that the quality would be exceptional.

123 writings review

Pricing – Forced Sign Up and High Prices

You’ll immediately notice that you have to input all your personal data before making an order, a very different process to the leading writing sites. Ever since, I have been absolutely bombarded by spam email from the site and from third parties I can only assume are connected to the site.

I ordered a 5 page essay (academic writing) to be delivered in 4-7 deadlines (non-precise delivery times) to a PhD level and was quoted a staggering $250. This is insane prices and means that 123writings.com must be some kind of spam website. Who can they expect would ever pay prices like that? Especially on a regular basis as most students do.

Content – Resales & Poor Quality

When reviewing these sites, I always try and order a similar article from each site for this exact reason. The article I received from 123 writings was extremely similar to an article I had ordered from another site. When processed through document analysing software, it revealed a huge 72% match to the original article.

Not only was this article not original content, some parts were extremely poorly written and the editing techniques were dreadful. All in all, the document was definitely not ready to be handed in as a essay at my college or university and was definitely not an accept article for the price that was paid.

123writings.com prices

Customer Service – Unfriendly & Unhelpful

Returning to the website to chat with customer service, I first tried contacting 123Writings through their live chat feature. Unfortunately, this live chat window continued to connect and disconnect and I was never able to send or receive more than two messages in the space of around an hour.

I tried ringing the phone line numerous times and when I finally got through to a member of staff. I was told I had the wrong number and was immediately disconnected. I have sent four emails to the company but have yet to receive a reply.

123Writings.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on 123Writings.com:

All in all, my experience with 123Writings.com was poor to say the least. Never again will I be using the site and highly recommend against others doing the same. If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy writing solution to cater for your writing needs, take your business to one of the more well known and market leading sites where you’ll receive a much better service and more affordable options.

Rated: 2.1

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EssayAgents.com Review – One of The Worst Sites

Essayagents.com Review

Priding themselves on the four main principles of Affordability, Transparency, Authenticity and Punctuality, I had high hopes for Essay Agents as a writing service. With a less than desirable website, I would be willing to look past this if the results were acceptable. In short, I highly doubt I’ll ever be returning to the site again.

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UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Table of contents

  1. Services – Average Selection of Services and Poor Website
  2. Content – Riddled With Mistakes and Plagiarism
  3. Customer Service – Is there a Customer Service Team?
  4. Conclusion

Services – Average Selection of Services and Poor Website

In all honesty, I think this may be one of the worst sites I have ever been on. The style, the layout, the functionality just simply doesn’t work and is not a suitable platform for a writing services provider. After finally navigating my way to the order page, I proceeded to fill out the long and steady process of my order, I was quoted a jaw dropping $425 for a 10 page research paper with a seven day deadline written to a PhD level. How they can justify this price, unless the quality is absolutely exception, is beyond me.

Essay Agents Review

Content – Riddled With Mistakes and Plagiarism

However, the quality was far from exceptional. I received the document on time, just, but upon reading through, I found that the article was completely worthless and definitely could not be handed into my school or college. To me, it looked as though the writer, who was obviously not native English and couldn’t even grasp the basic concept of a sentence structure or punctuation, must have sat down and copied my paper from somewhere without once checking his work as he wrote.

Upon scanning the document for plagiarism, it returned a super high match rate of 56%. This would have almost certainly have got me chucked out of my university. I honestly cannot believe how poor this content was.

Customer Service – Is there a Customer Service Team?

I very much doubt it. Upon taking to the site to air my complaints, I have still yet to get through to an actual member of staff. The live chat option is constantly offline, despite me getting up at all hours to check and the phone line doesn’t connect to any one or any building and just immediately cuts out.

I have sent several emails but I always receive a reply from my provider stating that the address is invalid and my email cannot be sent. So much for my ‘refund’.

essayagents order

EssayAgents.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on EssayAgents.com:

In conclusion, EssayAgents is hands down one of the worst sites I have ever had to use and I regret that I have ever spent the time or the money on it. My advice is to stay as far away as you possibly can from this site and stick to the more trusted and reliable writing solution websites.

Rated: 1.8

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Rephraser.net Review – Disappointing and Unacceptable

rephraser.net review

As I’d heard quite a lot about Rephraser, I thought I’d give it a try. Unfortunately I was incredibly disappointed with the service they offered, and wanted to write a review to stop other people from making my mistakes.

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Table of contents

  1. Quality of Writers – Disappointing and Unacceptable
  2. Deadlines – Fast Deadlines Lead to Poor Work
  3. Prices – Prepare Yourself For Extra Charges
  4. Customer Service – Not Available and Not Helpful
  5. Conclusion

Quality of Writers – Disappointing and Unacceptable

One of my main disappointments was with the quality of the writing. I’d happily pay above the market value for an essay if I could hand it in with total confidence, knowing it was original and high quality. The writers at this website, in my opinion, are not native English speakers, and for that reason alone the service isn’t legit. The paper wasn’t original, and it just wasn’t good English – definitely not college level, and way too simple even for high school. I’m also pretty sure that the paper was re-sold as it wasn’t really about the topic I asked for, it seemed like it had been re-hashed from an old essay. I was really scared to hand it in without making changes, as I was pretty sure the administration would accuse me of plagiarism.

rephraser review

Deadlines – Fast Deadlines Lead to Poor Work

The deadlines offered are not realistic, and also make me believe that the writing is low quality and not original. This is because when you make an order, you can ask for a turnaround town as low as 6 hours – it is impossible to write any kind of decent paper in such a short time. They would need longer if they were going to produce something acceptable.

Prices – Prepare Yourself For Extra Charges

The website offers a discount code as part of a promotion; however their prices are above average, so the discount just makes the price normal. If you need something quick, then a 3000 paper in six hours would cost $230. This is a fairly average length for an essay, but a pretty high cost. While a plagiarism report is free, one aspect that’s kind of a scam is the fact that you have to pay more for extras you may feel are necessary. 20% off isn’t a deal, when you need to add 10-20% for a top writer, or an advance draft. I’d rather think all writers are good than have to pay for a good one.

rephraser.net order

Customer Service – Not Available and Not Helpful

When you login/sign in after you’ve made an account, you’ll feel safe because of the visible contact number and the promise of a refund if you’re not happy. However, you will not find anyone on the other end of the phone, and I found it completely impossible to get a refund after I was sent the work. I regretted my choice to sign up, and questioned if this was illegal/legal, as they clearly hadn’t provided what they advertised.

Rephraser.net Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on Rephraser.net:

Overall, I had a totally negative experience using Rephraser. The paper was so bad I could not hand it in without making loads of changes, and then I couldn’t even get a refund from the business, even though they’d promised me a great paper to hand in.

Rated: 1.2

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EssayOneDay.com Review – Produced Low Quality Work

essayoneday.com review

During your Bachelor’s degree, Master’s, or even PhD, there are certain times when you need a little extra help. Essay One Day makes you think that they can provide that help, however they can actually cause a lot of problems for students, and don’t offer any work that can be submitted. This review will show why.

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Table of contents

  1. Customer Service – Be Prepared To Call Multiple Times
  2. Quality of Writing – Unfit For Purpose
  3. Prices – Read The Fine Print
  4. Services Offered – Disappointing In All Areas
  5. Conclusion

Customer Service – Be Prepared To Call Multiple Times

EssayOneDay will allow you to select a lot of options when you make your order on their website, so you believe that you have ordered a very specific paper that will fit your exact requirements. In actual fact, their writers will produce a general paper that many consider to be a scam as it could literally be a copy of a paper they have already sent to someone else. They do not listen to your wishes, and when you want to complain or get a refund, customer service is not easy to deal with. There’s a contact number, however rarely anyone there to offer support when you call.

essay one day review

Quality of Writing – Unfit For Purpose

One of the main complaints about this website is the quality of the writing. While you sign up and make your account, you feel safe as they look very professional and legit, however this is not the case. Most people believe that the problems for their work are a result of using non-native English speakers as a way to cut costs. Grammar and structure is therefore very week, and the content is not explored in any great depth.

Prices – Read The Fine Print

One of the main attractions of EssayOneDay.com is the low prices. However, the prices are often misleading. For $25 a page, you are only getting 275 words, which is very little. Plus, aspects that you think should be included for free such as plagiarism reports, or even ‘VIP support’ come at an extra cost, even though you’d expect the price to include customer service and confirm no plagiarism. They offer a discount, as a promotion code is available for 5% off, however this will not significantly reduce the price of your order.

essayoneday.com prices

Services Offered – Disappointing In All Areas

When you log in/sign up, you might worry if this is illegal/legal, however this is a legitimate service that will provide a paper for your money. However, that essay will be poor quality, and there will be nobody you can send a complaint to. The levels of plagiarism are a huge concern, as at a school like mine, I would fail a paper if plagiarism was discovered. The fact that they re-sell papers means that you risk handing in unoriginal work.

EssayOneDay.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on EssayOneDay:

All students want from a writing service is reasonable value and a high quality essay that they can hand in with confidence. You also need to make sure that your paper is delivered on time, and this service will produce low quality work, that you can’t refund, and may not even get to you on time. It’s not worth risking accusations of plagiarism by using this service.

Rated: 1.4

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Writeversity.com Review – There Are Much More Affordable Services

Writeversity Review

I had high hopes for Writeversity. With a high quality and seemingly easy to navigate website, this looks like a site that has the capability to be a decent writing solution service I would use frequently. To my surprise, I was completely let down by the quality of the articles and the customer service I received and highly advise anybody reading this to go elsewhere.

Top Rated Dissertation Writing Services

Company Quality Prices Support More
BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Table of contents

  1. Services – Lack of Options
  2. Prices – Unaffordable Services
  3. Writers – Not Native English
  4. Customer Service – Unable to Contact
  5. Conclusion

Services – Lack of Options

As above, when first visiting the site, you’re greeted with a professional looking site. Begin using the site and you will soon realise that it’s riddled with bugs and broken links. When you finally navigate your way to the services pages, you’ll find an extensive list of services but all related to dissertations and thesis’s. No article, blog or proofreading services to be found.

Writeversity Review

Prices – Unaffordable Services

Upon visiting the price page, you’ll notice there is no easy to follow price table, just a small input box to receive a quote, with a different list of services than the services page?! Having filled out the box, I received a quote for a five page case study to a graduate level that would set me back just under $120! This is extortionate and must be a scam. There are much more affordable services out there on the market.

Writers – Not Native English

Having purchased my case study, I waited and waited and finally, two weeks after my proposed deadline, I received my document. I read through the document and was shocked at the poor English level, lack of sentence structure and the obvious lack of proofreading, despite me ordering it with that option! The writers on this site are obviously not native English writers, despite the site claiming all their writers are accredited writers from English speaking countries. It’s also worth noting that the document had a 31% plagiarism match meaning that this document was in no way ready to be handed in for a college hand-in.

Customer Service – Unable to Contact

I went back to the website to air my complaints on the delivery times and quality of the content, first using the live chat in which I had no response for over two hours and then taking to the phone where I just received endless ringing. I have filled out the customer contact form but I am still waiting for a reply.

Writeversity.com order

Writeversity.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on Writeversity:

To summarize, the experience I had with Writeversity.com was absolutely terrible and potentially one of the worst services I have ever used. If you’re a student or individual looking for a writing solution that fits your requirements, you can bet your bottom dollar that writeversity is not the one for you. There are much more developed, experienced and highly rated sites on the market and I highly recommend using one of them.

Rated: 1.3

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MyAssignmentHelp.com Review – Poor Quality Content

Myassignmenthelp.com Review

Signing onto My Assignment Help for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by the design of the site. It has a nice, professional feel to it that gave me high hopes that this was a good service. Unfortunately, this is one writing solution site that failed to deliver and left me feeling extremely disappointed, especially since the site prides itself on a ‘98% customer satisfaction rate’.

Top Rated Essay Writing Services

Company Quality Prices Support More
BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Table of contents

  1. Website – Poor Design
  2. Prices – No Defined Prices
  3. Content – High Levels of Plagiarism & Low Quality
  4. Customer Service – Bad Refund Policy
  5. Conclusion

Website – Poor Design

After accessing the site, my first noticeable flaw was the constant bombardment of the live chat option that pops up consistently, even after closing it, right in front of the order box. When you finally get a chance to input your order, you’ll be able to choose from a very large range of services but, unfortunately, you won’t be able to simply choose from a drop down menu, you have to type it in yourself.

My assignment help Review

Prices – No Defined Prices

Having filled out the boxes for a five page college essay on social law, I received absolutely no indication of the price or could even find a price list on the website! I decided to take to the persistent live chat to ask about prices. To my surprise, I was greeted by an incredibly unhelpful assistant who quoted me a rough price of $300 and then decided to stop replying after two messages.

Content – High Levels of Plagiarism & Low Quality

I continued through and made my order. Astonishingly, I received my article the next day, on time, but that couldn’t redeem the fact that the document was, simply put, terrible. The document tested positive to a staggering 72% on a plagiarism checker and the parts that weren’t copied and pasted was just nonsensical rubbish. The writer may has well have just written random numbers and letters onto the page.

Myassignmenthelp.com services

Customer Service – Terrible Refund Policy

I returned to the ever helpful live chat customer service to ask for my refund. The chat assistant actually replied this time, stating that they will redo the assignment until I was happy with it. I gave them this opportunity and received a new article two days later. The second article was exactly the same as the first.

I went back to the live chat (there are no other ways to contact the company) and aired my complaints. The assistant stated that the refund policy states that I am not entitled to a refund but can instead claim my next article through the site absolutely free. Great.

MyAssignmentHelp.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on MyAssignmentHelp:

It may not surprise you that I just left it there. My experience using MyAssignmentHelp was poor to say the least. With an terrible refund/revision policy, consistently poor quality content and increasingly unfriendly, unhelpful customer service representatives, I think it’s safe to say that I will never be using MyAssignmentHelp.com ever again.

If you’re looking an online writing solution to fit your needs, you’re much better off paying one of the more respected and well reviewed sites a visit and taking your business there.

Rated: 1.9

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BestCustomWriting.com Review – Not As Timely As Advertised

BestCustomWriting.com Review

The Best Custom Writing website says that they can supply you with high quality essays, for less. Many other sites have claimed the same though, and turned on to be on the verge of illegal/legal. Is this site a scam, or can you trust them to be legit? This review will walk you through it.

Top Rated Essay Writing Services

Company Quality Prices Support More
BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Table of contents

  1. Services – Missing some essential services
  2. Quality of writers – Essay not up to standard
  3. Prices – Price doesn’t reflect quality
  4. Deadlines – Not as timely as advertised
  5. Customer service – Unclear policies
  6. Conclusion

Services – Missing some essential services

There’s plenty on offer from BestCustomWriting, if you need anything written. You can have essays, lab reports, presentations, and even admissions essays written. There’s also editing services if you need them. However, I was disappointed to see they can’t offer services such as resume writing, something a lot of students could use these days.


Quality of writers – Essay not up to standard

I made sure to sign up for an account and place an order, so I could see what their writers could do. I found that what I was well below expectations. The essay was riddled with mistakes, and it was clear that the writer had no experience in my subject. I couldn’t use it without doing some serious editing work first.

Prices – Price doesn’t reflect quality

I paid $30.90 for my essay. This was for an undergraduate level, 2 page paper, delivered within 10 days. You can get a 12% discount on that price, if you use the promotion code. This price sounds like a deal, but in reality I was expecting much better quality for what I paid.

bestcustomwriting.com order

Deadlines – Not as timely as advertised

If you log in/sign into the BestCustomWriting.com site, you’ll see they promise to have essays with you as soon as they can. However, I was waiting almost until the deadline to get my essay. It shows that the writers are trying to get too much done at once, so they couldn’t deliver mine quickly. It’s not good if you have your own tight deadlines to meet.

Customer service – Unclear policies

I tested out the customer support by asking for a refund on my essay. You can get in touch via their contact number, or with the free options available, such as live chat or email. I found that getting answers to my requests was surprisingly difficult, and that the refund policy wasn’t as clear as advertised. I did manage to get my money back, but it was a real effort.

BestCustomWriting.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on BestCustomWriting.com:

If you’re looking for a safe site to buy from, I can’t recommend bestcustomwriting.com. Their writers are clearly trying to juggle too many jobs, so they can’t give you the quality that you need from an essay. Instead, investigate better quality sites by reading my reviews. You can get excellent essays, for around the same price.

Rated: 2.1

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How Emerging Technologies Dominate the Education App Industry

education app

Education in itself is a broad term. Innovation in the education industry is being driven by the growing adoption rate of technology by today’s generation. The expectation of learning and inheriting knowledge has changed drastically with time. The growing edtech industry is an example to same.

The edtech learning is swiftly moving ahead to be a norm, rather than a trend. The emerging edtech solve current education problems via mobile apps. According to a report, the smart learning market is expected to grow from $193.24 Billion in 2016 to $586.04 Billion by 2021.

The inflation in the market has indeed gained the attention of tech junkies globally. However, not many are acknowledged by the technologies that will be ruling the market.

Keeping the same in mind, and to head the innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs/startups in the right direction, we have here prepared a list to share the emerging trends in education app development industry that will dominate the market.

Tech changes that will rule education app industry

1. Virtual Reality

Visualizing the words and pictorial narrations is quite tough, however, with the help of virtual reality, it won’t be tough for the students to closely view and understand the fundamentals. Schools have started to adopt VR as a method to impart education, but still, there’s a long way to travel. Using the technology can indeed be a great medium to learn. The ‘live’ interaction won’t just help in engaging the students, but will also share the knowledge in much efficient manner.

2. Artificial Intelligence

The NLP (natural Language Processing), Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning etc are some tech innovations that are being looked forward to joining the education app development industry. We have already noticed advent of NLP in applications like Siri and Cortana. With a small interaction with these, we can find the wide scope of AI and NLP in the education sector. For once, let us imagine of having an app which allows you to ask questions related to the solar system, historical events, etc. Sounds cool!! Isn’t it?

3. Gamification

Enterprises have vastly accepted gamification for employee/user engagement. This process has become an impeccable way to earn attention and loyalty. The gamification commendably amalgamates fun of gaming and value learning. Let us take an example. If you can recall the language-learning website, Duolingo. The website has defined levels to learn and with each level the complexity of sentences increases. The design does possess a pattern similar to any game, in which clearing the levels become a form of a target for the users. However, this is a very basic example. With the advent of gamification in education, we can expect advanced inclusions.

4. Blockchain

It has made a noticeable space in different industries and now it is believed that it’ll be marking its presence in the education industry. Its expertise in keeping digital records secured for years and making them available whenever and wherever you need has gained the attention of innovators in the mobile app industry. This will enable learners to maintain a cloud-based profile for lifelong, which can substantially amass badges and credentials from different kinds of programs and institutions.

5. Adaptive Learning

Georgia State is the most recent example of implementing adaptive learning in education model. As shared by them, they are in a process to avail OER (Open educational resources) with adaptive courseware for their core undergraduate classes. The list includes subjects like political science, economics, history, biology, and chemistry. Using the adaptive materials will allow the students to learn with pace and follow pathways which they find are good for them, or rather easy way to grasp the knowledge.

6. Internet of Things

IoT is no new name for the people, and it has indeed proved the expertise by making a space in the day to day lives of people. It isn’t like the education sector doesn’t have the taste of it, but it’s expected that it’ll be expanding its platform. You might have noticed organizations with internet connected light and sprinkler controls, but still, there are many who still don’t. Apart from these, it is also expected that the technology will further expand the reach through building alarms and parking space monitoring systems. Such inclusions will be taking the security standards of educational institutions a step ahead of what we have at present.


The launch of new technologies has expanded the scope for aspiring technopreneurs. The education app industry is speculated to go through numerous changes in the coming days. However, the need of the time is to understand these changes and their scope, and further implement them with perfection. You need to take care that implementation isn’t done only to rule the present market, instead, it is also done keeping in mind the competition that is to come ahead.

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