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Prescottpapers Review

There’s lots of writing services out there that are a scam, or border on the illegal/legal side of things. I wanted to know if Prescott Papers was legit, or another service to avoid. This review will get to the bottom of things.

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Table of contents

  1. Services
  2. Quality of writers – Low
  3. Prices – Astronomical
  4. Deadlines –  Almost Missed
  5. Customer service – Very Poor


When you check out the PrescottPapers website, you can see that they offer a few different types of services. There’s academic writing, so essays and assignments are covered. You can get your theses written, or even have a speech written if you sign up for an account. However, there’s lots more services that other sites are offering these days. As it is, they can’t really compete.

Quality of writers – Low

I wanted to know if it’s safe to order with this service, so I placed a few orders to see how good their writers are. It turned out that the quality of writing is really very low. There were errors that should have been picked up by proofreading, and information was missing from each paper. I couldn’t have handed these in if these were for real assignments.

Prices – Astronomical

Prices will always depend on what you order, but as a reference, I ordered a 2 page undergraduate essay, to be written within 10 days. I paid $172 total.

As you can see, that’s an incredibly high price compared to other writing services. You can’t even get a promotion code or discount on that. With the quality of the writing being so low, you’d wonder why you’d even bother with Prescott Papers.

prescottpapers prices

Deadlines –  Almost Missed

My order said that my papers would be with me within 7-10 days. As it was, the papers came really last minute. I honestly thought that they were going to forget my papers altogether! If you’re on a tight deadline, these won’t be the writers for you. Your blood pressure won’t be safe with these writers!

Customer service – Very Poor

When you log in/sign in with, you have a few ways of contacting them. There’s a free online chat service, as well as a contact number. This is a good idea if you need support with your paper. I tested it by getting in touch about getting a refund. After all, they were terrible! I found it very difficult to get what I needed, and many people I spoke to weren’t even aware of my order! Very poor.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

Prescott Papers aren’t offering the deal they say they are. You’re much better off going elsewhere for your academic writing needs. The writing was shoddy, the delivery was almost late, and the price was astronomical. You can get much better writing for a much better price elsewhere. Don’t risk your grades on bad writing, it’s not worth it.

Rated: 2.4

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  1. Prescott Papers is running a serious campaign at Reddit were they focused to get most of their customers from. Don’t fall for all that bullshit written by themselves for themselves. They develop each Reddit user profile for months so it looks like real, but it’s not!

    Went for their seriously-looking advertisements, but it all turned out to be another disappointment.

  2. Prescott papers not only have poor writers, the remarkable things is that they are so super curt and conceited that they were not ready to listen what all I told them was wrong with the paper. My paper was supposed to be ‘analytical’. What I received instead was nowhere analytical, it was all descriptive and read like it came straight off a textbook. It did not even have a thesis statement! Clearly, not written by someone proficient in writing academic papers. And when I told them what was wrong, I was told something to the effect that I don’t know how it is supposed to be done. No apologies, no offers to revise as per my instructions. And of course, no refund, not even partial for my paper. In the end, I had to rewrite the entire 5000 pages myself.

    And you are right about them manipulating user reviews online. I posted an honest review about them and they got it deleted. Not to mention so many other fake reviews that they have floating on the Internet.

    There is absolutely no saving grace about their pathetic service.

  3. I absolutely agree. Had Prescott Papers write my term paper and what I received was terrible. Seriously, don’t go be their tall claims on Reddit and elsewhere, avoid these unscrupulous overpriced crooks.

    1. Thought to give them a try, but there are negative reviews about it here and there. Their real reviews are hard to track because they moderate what clients say about them on Web! Can you please add more details?

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