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Writing a resume or CV from scratch isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Trying to find the perfect way to sell yourself and your skills without coming across as arrogant or unsuitable for the job you’re applying for is rather difficult once you begin. Fortunately, there is a ton of writing services available, such as Resume Help, who can help you complete this stressful task.

Comparison With Top Rated Resume Service

Resumention ResumeHelp
8.9 Services 6.2
9.1 Pricing 7.1
9.6 Content 6.9
9.4 Support 7.1
Overall rating 6.9

Table of contents

  1. Service & Features – 6/10
  2. Company Trust – 8/10
  3. Pricing – 7/10
  4. Resume Quality – 7/10
  5. Customer Support – 7/10
  6. Conclusion – 7/10

Service & Features – 6/10

ResumeHelp provides you with a very basic resume building service. This service is achieved by providing you with a resume template which can be selected based on your preferred role and the US state that you are from. After you have selected your chosen resume, you then customize your resume to suit your personal requirements. This allows you to create a resume in very little time as all the basics are already generated.

resume help review

Company Trust – 8/10

Regarding trust, there are several aspects which put in good stead. In the footer, you’ll find a linked Norton Security badge that provides the website with security features that protect your personal and financial information from users with malicious intent. There’s also a physical address so you can hold the website accountable. Unfortunately, there is no payment protection system, or proof of one, stating that their payment system is secure.

Pricing – 7/10

It’s possible to use Resume Help for free. This includes all the features and services at no cost to you. Alternatively, there is a paid service which provides you with premium services, such as more detailed resumes and helps with the builder itself. A 14-day membership will cost $1.95, or there’s a monthly option priced at $7.95. There are no extra costs involved with these prices.

Resume Quality – 7/10

The quality of the resume templates themselves is rather good. You can view every single template example before you set about building your own resume and each part is customisable, so if you don’t like a certain feature or it doesn’t apply to you, you can simply edit it. how it works

Customer Support – 7/10

There are a handful of communication methods you can use to contact the company should you need to. On every page of the website, you’ll find a live chat feature that’s 24/7. There’s also an email (which has been described as having slightly long response times) and a phone number for instant assistance. Overall, the service has been described as good.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

As far as a resume builder goes, Resume Help is a relatively adequate service, providing you with a range of comprehensive services in an easy to use format. However, not everybody has the time to go through a builder and may just require a complete writing service that does it on their behalf. If you’re looking for a service like this, you’ll need to take your business elsewhere.

Rated: 3.2

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  1. Just looking for a quick low cost resume turned into a monthly subscription. Just like other people wrote. I’m sure there subscription is written somewhere but who reads all that. First they bill an extra $20.99 then want another $35.00 a month later. The only thing helped with was them helping there self to my Credit Card.

  2. Be careful the “free” resume for a few dollars turns into a subscription!
    Surely states it somewhere and you probably accept when you accept the T&C’s but who reads them? very sneaky and devious! They took the liberty to sign me up for an annual subscription worth $35 without me knowing or being aware.
    Not really the money but the immoral practice of swindling people out of their money that really makes me angry!
    Unfortunately the world we now live in – back in the day you could go into a shop and make a scene and demand your money back – now you chat to someone in a call centre somewhere in the world who does not give a * where the money comes from they get paid with…

  3. looks like a nice free tool, but I needed more extensive resume help, so I am in search of a good resume service.

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