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Let’s face it; writing assignments is becoming more and more difficult. It’s not so much the content and the writing of the assignment itself, it’s simply trying to find the time to complete it. Everybody during college or university expects you to stay fit and healthy, hang out with friends and attend lectures. When do they think you’ll have time? That’s where the TransTutors service tries to fill the gap.

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Table of contents

  1. Website Services & Promises – 6/10
  2. Company Trust – 5/10
  3. Quality – 5/10
  4. Pricing – 5/10
  5. Customer Service – 6/10
  6. Conclusion – 5/10

Website Services & Promises – 6/10

With, you’ll have a collection of academic services to choose from, but this can seem rather limited. To make your life easier, you’ll have the ability to ask a professional tutor a question, or a range of questions, that can help you complete your assignment in a lot less time than it normally would.

However, the website only offers help across ten core subjects, and there doesn’t seem to be any guarantee that the tutors themselves are qualified or certified even to be tutors.

trans tutors review

Company Trust – 5/10

When searching for a website to help you out, such as Trans Tutors, you want to spend your money on a website you can trust. However, with this website, it may not be the case. Although you’ll find both a physical Australian and US address for the company, there are no trust marks on the website, no proof of website security or any kind of indication that the website operates a secure payment system.

Quality – 5/10

After searching extensively on the website, I found one static review that simply said, ‘thanks for a good job’. There’s no ranking system, date or mention of what service that was used, so it leads me to instantly believe that the website is operating illegitimately with fake reviews.

Searching online, I found some mixed reviews, but most of them were poor. Many past clients described the tutors having a lack of knowledge, copying and pasting material from a quick Google search and there are reports of the website taking the money and then cancelling the contracts. One customer stated a tutor had helped with 100 questions but only got 20% right.

Pricing – 5/10

It’s extremely unclear what the prices actually are for Trans Tutors. There’s no dedicated pricing page and even working your way through the order form means that you have to input all your personal information before securing a quote.

The payment system works by you picking which tutor you think is best suited for your task and then you pay the amount that they want. This is completely unfair to students such as you because you can never be sure that you’re getting the best deal. There is, however, a monthly fee option for $19.99 per month. prices

Customer Service – 6/10

The customer service options that are available to you are very poor. Clicking on the contact us page will simply supply you with a very basic email form to fill out where the response times will vary. Alternatively, you can call the company on their dedicated AUS or US phone lines or use the chatbot live feature found on every page, but there are numerous reported problems with the live chat feature not working.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

TransTutors has a long way to go before it can be considered a decent assignment help website. With a tonne of negative reviews and a very suspicious pricing system, it’s highly recommended that you take your business elsewhere to a more reputable website.

Rated: 2.5

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  1. I needed some help with a JAVA assignment, so I looked for some websites that could help me out and decided to go with Transtutor. This assignment was split into parts so the Partial/Base code written by myself, I talked to a Transtutor representative and decide on a Price and timeline to finish up the assignment.  

    I was assigned a tutor who seemed very confident on what he was doing. I kept a close eye on my email waiting for the assignment, day before the assignment was due, I reached out to them asking on the status and they said they are almost done. Couple hours before the deadline I received a file from them, I got excited and opened the files. GUESS WHAT ?!! The tutor sends me my Partial/Base code back and said the assignment is “finished”. I talked to the representative over again and again through phone/chat/email they said whatever tutor provides is his own work. After multiple phone call asking to verify the files they finally said they messed up an  the “tutor might have send the wrong files” and said the tutor is “driving on the highway” and will send it asap. I believed them. Also to keep in mind this assignment is now officially late.

    Two days later the still haven’t finished the assignment -They are not picking up my calls and nor answering to my email/messages.

  2. They are scam. I asked them to do 1 question, a small task out of a big assignment and they messed up my assignment. The so called “expert” delivered a completely out of topic solution to my assignment and argued that the assignment was delivered accordingly. My question was to write down risk of the company’s financial report and give reason why the risk is considered high. Support the reason by calculations of ratios. The writer gave me all sorts of unrelated ratios and not a single Risk was ever mentioned. This is what their understanding standards are. They are horrible and useless. They refuse to refund and said the solutions was delivered accordingly. I wish i can do something about them with so many horrible negative review and everyone seem to experience the similar issue and situation as I am.

  3. I needed homework done for an English assignment. I was charged $60, and assured that this assignment would be an easy one to work on. Once I paid, I realized I was dealing with a company that is in India. The quality of the work was fair, grammar, spelling were terrible, sentence structure was terrible. I went to the writing lab at my school and my paper was torn apart. I had to rewrite the entire paper. I would highly recommend saving your money. I would not use this company to do any homework. If you read the reviews you will notice the same exact responses from several different people. I believe it’s the same people writing reviews in order to get higher rating. Save your money.

  4. I don’t encourage Australian students to use trans tutors their work is substandard and it is questionable whether their “expert” are real experts to start with.Their level of knowledge and understanding is very low .Australians don’t waste your money !!!

  5. This company is a scam, all good reviews are fake. they did not help me at all with my assignment, and refused to send me refund.

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