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Writing a resume is one of the hardest things to do. It’s not easy to write about yourself in a way that doesn’t seem like your bragging nor underselling yourself. However, a resume is essential for securing your next dream job. Several resume writing services are available online, claiming to be able your resume to the highest quality. Resumes Planet is one of those services.

Comparison With Top Rated Resume Service

8.9 Services 5.6
9.1 Pricing 6.3
9.6 Content 4.1
9.4 Support 6.7
Overall rating 5.7

Table of contents

  1. Services & Promises – 5/10
  2. Pricing & Payment System – 4/10
  3. Quality of Content – 4/10
  4. Support – 5/10
  5. Conclusion – 4/10

Services & Promises – 5/10

On ResumesPlanet, you can choose from a selection of services. In addition to the regular CV and a resume writing and editing services, you can also have a LinkedIn profile written up on your behalf as well as a cover letter for your next application. The site promises to have your content written by an expert writer, delivered on-time as well as 24/7 support and free revisions of your content within 30 days.

resumes planet review

Pricing & Payment System – 4/10

You can select from a variety of payment packages when using You can pay for each service separately or choose from a full package option that will set you back around $130. This is fairly expensive for a resume writing service, even with the selected discounts on each service. You can pay using a variety of payment systems, although, none of these systems has verified trust badges, only embedded images of each system operator.

Quality of Content – 4/10

Since there is no dedicated review or testimonials page on the website, this leads me to doubt the credibility of the website. Searching online, I quickly found that the service had mixed reviews. While others gave a shining 5-star review, others complained about poorly written content that seemed as though it had been rushed and contained errors that would have been discovered using a brief proofread. Other customers had also stated that the work was delivered after the proposed deadline. discounts

Support – 5/10

There are very limited support options available on ResumesPlanet. There’s a toll-free UK and US phone number, a support email address and an online live chat. However, there’s no email form for you to fill out and no links to the relatively inactive social media profiles. When using the live chat or email options, the site operates a ticket service, meaning the time it takes to get back to you can vary quite dramatically.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

Although the website has obviously been invested in quite considerable, there are many elements of the service that lead me to believe that the website is operating illegitimately. With no links to dedicated or verified payment systems and a complete absence of a review page (there are sparse, undetailed testimonials scattered around certain pages), I highly recommend taking your business to a more reputable resume writing service.

Rated: 2.1

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  1. Resumes Planet is terrible. They are more focused on getting you to upgrade or pay for more services than what you already paid for. I’m pretty sure whoever wrote mine, English is not their first language, too many basic grammatical mistakes.

    for $160 I got a rough draft of a resume that I definitely can not send out.

  2. I placed order for Resume and Cover letter 02/19/2018. I got my order 02/24/2018. After checks I get 60% plagiarism and a lot of mistakes in the resume. Resumes Planet refused to return the money.

  3. I think my resume was written by a teenager, there were so many mistakes, and the structure was odd. I had to buy resume from another service to get a good one. waste of money

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