PurpleCV.co.uk Review

purplecv.co.uk review

Writing a compelling and engaging CV is tough at the best of times. Let’s face it, writing about yourself in a balanced way that doesn’t seem arrogant or underselling yourself is a tough medium to find. If this is the case, websites, such as Purple CV, offer writing services in UK, providing you with a good chance at securing your next interview.

Comparison With Top Rated Resume Service

Resumention PurpleCV.co.uk
8.9 Services 8.1
9.1 Pricing 8.5
9.6 Content 8.4
9.4 Support 8.7
Overall rating 8.4
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Table of contents

  1. Service & Features – 8/10
  2. Company Trust – 8/10
  3. Pricing – 7/10
  4. Resume Quality – 8/10
  5. Customer Support – 8/10
  6. Conclusion – 8/10

Service & Features – 8/10

To begin, let’s take a look at what services PurpleCV has to offer. When it comes to CV writing, the provides you with four main services, depending on what level CV you want to be written, such as your first job, a second job or a complete career change. There also offer a range of additional services such as cover letter writing, express delivery and LinkedIn Profile writing.

purple cv review

Company Trust – 8/10

When using a custom resume writing service, you want a website you can trust. After thoroughly searching the website, it’s clear that there are signs of website security, great Trustpilot rating. This means when using the site, you can guarantee that malicious users, such as hackers, will be prevented from acquiring your personal and financial information. Also, there is a physical address which does boost accountability.

Pricing – 7/10

The price depends on the package that you choose. The starter CV will set you back around £70 whereas the most advanced package is £175. This is extremely high, even for a resume writing service and may not be suitable for the majority of individuals budgets, especially those between jobs. You’ll also need to consider that all the accessories and express deadlines will cost you extra, meaning you could easily be spending more than £200.

Resume Quality – 8/10

Referring to the testimonials page, you’ll find a long list of reviews about the site but no dates, package chosen or even a rating system. There is no doubt of the credibility and trustworthiness of the website. Searching online, I quickly discovered a range of reviews stating that the service was ‘okay’ and some people had resumes delivered slightly after the proposed deadline, but almost all of them got a refund.

purplecv order

Customer Support – 8/10

Customer support is what PurpleCV.co.uk excels in. There’s a live chat feature available on every page, a simple yet complete email form on the contact page as well providing you with toll-free phone numbers, an email address and links to the company’s social media pages, all of which is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. However, please note that the refunds are only available if the work hasn’t already begun.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on PurpleCV.co.uk

Although excelling when it comes to customer support, Purple CV still lacks in certain essential areas. With added website security and proof, as well as a stricter adherence to deadlines and consistent quality, this could be a leading site. It’s recommended you take your business to them.

Rated: 4.2

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  1. – Paid and wasn’t assigned any writer for a day, nor any email communication from Purple CV.
    – Talked to web agent, he asked to wait for few hours, nothing happened. Called on number, then they send one email.
    – Next day got my draft first CV, full of grammatical errors and many sentences doesn’t even make sense.
    – Wrote one feedback email after reviewing it for 1 hour, she made the changes but still far from perfect, still many grammatical mistakes.
    Example: Authored user manuals and producing release notes for QA support – Incorrect use of tense, one place past tense and one present.The experience is in past so everything is in past.
    -Like this many were there, the list can go on. They even closed some sentences with full stops and forgot in few.
    -I wrote again a feedback to them, spending more than hour. Waiting for reply.

    I guess i will start making it myself and am sure i can come up with a much better CV in few days, some effort will be required . Though to escape it i took the service.Now i have to spend that effort in writing feedback to them about poor standard of writing.

    I don’t have much hope and i guess ultimately i only will end up doing it. Please don’t spend on this. Put some effort, do some research , i am sure everyone can do much better on him/her self.

    Don’t expect too much

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