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While many custom essay writing services offer the clean and distinct approach of writing your essays for you on your behalf in a way that meets your deadlines and helps you achieve the grades you’re after, Nerdify It takes a different approach.
It operates a simple text line where whenever you face problems with your coursework and academic work, you simply text the service to receive help. Used by over 76,000 users, today we’re going to figure out whether is a service you want to use.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – 6/10
  2. Pricing – 6/10
  3. Content Quality – 7/10
  4. Customer Service – 7/10
  5. Conclusion – 6.5/10

Services – 6/10

Compared with other custom essay writing services like the services you’re looking for, Nerdify It is pretty limited. Of course, if you’re already working on your coursework and you get stuck and need a bit of help, this could be the perfect service to help with what you need.
However, if you haven’t started your work and you need someone to write it for you, this isn’t going to be the service you need, and it won’t help you save time or reach deadlines as other services will.

nerdifyit review

Pricing – 6/10

The pricing structure found on Nerdify It isn’t clearly stated and there’s no dedicated pricing page to say how much you can pay and what kind of service you’ll receive. This is suspicious because you can never sure just how much you’re going to pay, and whether the service is just charging any amount to see whether you’ll pay it.
There are basic services like getting you five sources to write your tasks for $10, or formatting for $10, but there’s no clear price list since everything is personalised to you and what you’re after.

Content Quality – 7/10

There’s no denying there’s a lot of positive reviews of Nerdify It across the board, whether you’re looking at their social media pages or external websites like Trustpilot. There are over 1,400 reviews since 2015, but when you consider the website has had over 76,000 users, this is such a small number of reviews being displayed.
This leads us to have our doubts about the service, and while there are plenty of good reviews, there are also a lot of bad ones stating the service isn’t as fast as it claims to be, and some of the resources delivered were not up to scratch.

nerdifyit writers

Customer Service – 7/10

When you need to get in touch with the website (which is the main feature of what they do), you’ll be surprised that so few options exist. There’s the text line, but this is mainly for making orders, a US and UK address and a basic email address.
There’s no pre or post-sales support, no live chat, no links to the social media pages and no phone number. Unless you’re making an order, if you need help in any way, you may be left feeling by the side-lines.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

While the text service is a unique approach to the custom essay writing, and it may be exactly what some students are looking for, there’s no denying that it’s not like the other essay writing services out there, and you may want to look for a more complete service if you want an essay completed from start to finish.

Rated: 3.3

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