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I left everything to the last minute once again this semester, but I didn’t want my grades to suffer. I asked other people how they dealt with doing a lot of work in a short amount of time, and they all advised using an essay writing service. I decided to give Gradexy a try after stumbling on their website.

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Table of contents

  1. Service – Not Specific Enough
  2. Quality of Writers – Illegal/Legal Advertising?
  3. Prices – Impossible to Know What’s a Good Deal
  4. Deadlines – Don’t Try To Rush
  5. Customer Support – Don’t Expect Any Help
  6. Conclusion

Service – Not Specific Enough

You can sign up and make an account that will allow you to order any kind of academic writing, but you can’t specify what subject or level of paper initially. You can select what kind of paper you want, but it seems like a scam as they will say that they have someone qualified for whatever subject you ask for, instead of providing a definitive list of subjects their writers are qualified for.

gradexy review

Quality of Writers – Illegal/Legal Advertising?

I chose to login/sign in to this website because I really believed I’d receive an amazing essay, that I could hand in to secure a good grade. This wasn’t the case, the writing was poor, and I think a lot of the content was plagiarized, so I didn’t dare hand it in. I’m not actually convinced the writer spoke English fluently, as parts of it just didn’t make sense.

Prices – Impossible to Know What’s a Good Deal

There was no clear price list, I had to fill in all my details to get a quote, I couldn’t see what factors contributed to the cost. I couldn’t find a discount code or promotion, and I couldn’t alter small details to see how they’d affect the price, so the format meant that my decisions just weren’t informed.

gradexy prices

Deadlines – Don’t Try To Rush

My essay arrived a few hours after deadline, which wasn’t too late for the class, but other people had asked for their paper to be delivered when it was due, and lost points for a late hand in. It seems like you pay less when you can wait longer for your paper, but like all elements that go with price, this isn’t clear.

Customer Support – Don’t Expect Any Help

I wanted a refund on my paper as the quality was so poor, but despite using the contact number and email address provided, I never got one. None of the people I spoke to were helpful at all.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

Hopefully this review will help another student avoid wasting their time and money with Gradexy. While there are some legit and safe essay writing services out there, just isn’t one of them, so take some free advice and look elsewhere for help with assignments. This essay was overpriced, and so poorly written that I couldn’t even hand it in, as I knew for sure I’d fail.

Rated: 3.0

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  1. Don’t use it! I had to order proofreading from another essay writing service after I received a term paper from them.

  2. I had a disappointing conversation with customer support for over an hour, they didn’t want to do anything on the unsatisfactory paper they delivered to me. In the end I received what I want – but the efforts and my time are much more expensive. So the next time I will avoid Gradexy for sure.

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