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At first, Study Moose looks the part. A simple, well-laid and professional looking website seems promising. Unfortunately, these promises are quickly dismissed when you look deeper into this online writing service. If you’re looking for a suitable writing solution service for you that’s both reliable and offers outstanding service, avoid Essays.StudyMoose at all costs.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – Lack Of Required Services
  2. Pricing – Unfair Bidding System
  3. Content Quality – Price Reflects Quality
  4. Customer Service – No Customer Service
  5. Conclusion

Services – Lack Of Required Services

Despite the professional, well-established feel, is a poor example of a good writing solution website. First off, when heading over to the ordering page to place an order, you’ll quickly notice the lack of key services available. Granted, there is 40+ that covers a lot but key selections such as dissertation chapters are missing. This immediately results in a lack of services which could hinder some students.

essays.studymoose review

Pricing – Unfair Bidding System

The pricing on StudyMoose is quoted based on a bidding system in which writers bid for your work. You choose the price and skill level you require and accept their bid. Unfortunately, this method of payment means that all the writers bid fairly high and there is a few alternatives for a cheap or even affordable solution.

A ten page essay on Law, written to a PhD level, was going to set me back an average of $400. This is complete extortionate and not at all suitable for any student budget, especially a student who was looking for a writing solution service they can use regularly.

Content Quality – Price Reflects Quality

For my test order, I decided to choose one of the more affordable options, a writer who quoted my ten page essay for $270, a still above average price. The essay arrived three days late and was, quit frankly, one of the worst essays I have ever seen.

Even though the article was riddled with mistakes and typos, I quickly corrected them and ran a plagiarism check. This returned a 56% match, completely unsuitable of an educational hand in. Referring to the article the essay matched to, these were completely unreliable sources and some of the content was even copied and pasted from the samples page of a rival writing solutions website. writers

Customer Service – No Customer Service

Heading to the customer service page to air my complaints, I quickly discovered that there is no customer service. There is a complete lack of phone number, email address, contact form or even links to a social media page. There is, however, a ’24/7 customer service’ live chat feature, but every time I have logged on, the live chat has either been offline or nobody replies.

This means no refund on the work or even an explanation on what happened.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

As mentioned in the introduction, seems like an average, probably quite decent writing solution site but this statement could not be further from the truth. Extremely poor quality of content, complete absence of customer service and an extremely expensive payment system, Essays StudyMoose is best avoided by students looking for a reliable service that gets them results.

Rated: 2.9

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  1. I wish I had read this before using study moose. You are correct in that you cannot access the 24/7 support when you want as the chat box does not appear. The essay I got back was a shocker – they did not follow my instructions which I clearly provided them in writing. They did not address the specifics in my instructions. It was like a grade 6 essay. They also released my payment before I had authorised them to do so.

  2. Yeah I just got an essay back from them and it had so many spelling mistakes and it was clearly not written by someone who understands the English language. I put, the essay, into a free online plagiarism checker and it came back as being 50% plagiarized. It only cost me 75 dollars so at least I’m not out a lot of money.

  3. I agree on a terrible essay and not English, the assignment not followed, format not followed, citations incorrectly noted(ie: wrong page numbers, wrong authors, not correct format). I was able to fix enough to receive a C-. DO NOT USE.

    1. I’m a student of English studies. ONLY ONCE in my life I gave studymoose a try and it was so poor and childish writing. I contacted them back. It was edited, the words were more ‘posh’ let’s say, but the content still so poor, unstructured, and repeated throughout the essay. Never again.

      1. Hi Ibrahim,
        It is unfortunate to hear such complaints, especially from a company that extorts us (writers) this much. Can you believe that the average payment for the writers is normally $4 per page, and can go to the highest of $8 in case it is a super-urgent paper?

  4. The essay they wrote for me was a fail. There were many mistakes, and it was not written by a native English speaker. Even though I am not the one too, I could clearly see it from the essay. SO needed to order on another website.

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