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During your Bachelor’s degree, Master’s, or even PhD, there are certain times when you need a little extra help. Essay One Day makes you think that they can provide that help, however they can actually cause a lot of problems for students, and don’t offer any work that can be submitted. This review will show why.

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Table of contents

  1. Customer Service – Be Prepared To Call Multiple Times
  2. Quality of Writing – Unfit For Purpose
  3. Prices – Read The Fine Print
  4. Services Offered – Disappointing In All Areas
  5. Conclusion

Customer Service – Be Prepared To Call Multiple Times

EssayOneDay will allow you to select a lot of options when you make your order on their website, so you believe that you have ordered a very specific paper that will fit your exact requirements. In actual fact, their writers will produce a general paper that many consider to be a scam as it could literally be a copy of a paper they have already sent to someone else. They do not listen to your wishes, and when you want to complain or get a refund, customer service is not easy to deal with. There’s a contact number, however rarely anyone there to offer support when you call.

essay one day review

Quality of Writing – Unfit For Purpose

One of the main complaints about this website is the quality of the writing. While you sign up and make your account, you feel safe as they look very professional and legit, however this is not the case. Most people believe that the problems for their work are a result of using non-native English speakers as a way to cut costs. Grammar and structure is therefore very week, and the content is not explored in any great depth.

Prices – Read The Fine Print

One of the main attractions of is the low prices. However, the prices are often misleading. For $25 a page, you are only getting 275 words, which is very little. Plus, aspects that you think should be included for free such as plagiarism reports, or even ‘VIP support’ come at an extra cost, even though you’d expect the price to include customer service and confirm no plagiarism. They offer a discount, as a promotion code is available for 5% off, however this will not significantly reduce the price of your order. prices

Services Offered – Disappointing In All Areas

When you log in/sign up, you might worry if this is illegal/legal, however this is a legitimate service that will provide a paper for your money. However, that essay will be poor quality, and there will be nobody you can send a complaint to. The levels of plagiarism are a huge concern, as at a school like mine, I would fail a paper if plagiarism was discovered. The fact that they re-sell papers means that you risk handing in unoriginal work.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

All students want from a writing service is reasonable value and a high quality essay that they can hand in with confidence. You also need to make sure that your paper is delivered on time, and this service will produce low quality work, that you can’t refund, and may not even get to you on time. It’s not worth risking accusations of plagiarism by using this service.

Rated: 2.4

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