Review – Disappointing and Unacceptable review

As I’d heard quite a lot about Rephraser, I thought I’d give it a try. Unfortunately I was incredibly disappointed with the service they offered, and wanted to write a review to stop other people from making my mistakes.

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Table of contents

  1. Quality of Writers – Disappointing and Unacceptable
  2. Deadlines – Fast Deadlines Lead to Poor Work
  3. Prices – Prepare Yourself For Extra Charges
  4. Customer Service – Not Available and Not Helpful
  5. Conclusion

Quality of Writers – Disappointing and Unacceptable

One of my main disappointments was with the quality of the writing. I’d happily pay above the market value for an essay if I could hand it in with total confidence, knowing it was original and high quality. The writers at this website, in my opinion, are not native English speakers, and for that reason alone the service isn’t legit. The paper wasn’t original, and it just wasn’t good English – definitely not college level, and way too simple even for high school. I’m also pretty sure that the paper was re-sold as it wasn’t really about the topic I asked for, it seemed like it had been re-hashed from an old essay. I was really scared to hand it in without making changes, as I was pretty sure the administration would accuse me of plagiarism.

rephraser review

Deadlines – Fast Deadlines Lead to Poor Work

The deadlines offered are not realistic, and also make me believe that the writing is low quality and not original. This is because when you make an order, you can ask for a turnaround town as low as 6 hours – it is impossible to write any kind of decent paper in such a short time. They would need longer if they were going to produce something acceptable.

Prices – Prepare Yourself For Extra Charges

The website offers a discount code as part of a promotion; however their prices are above average, so the discount just makes the price normal. If you need something quick, then a 3000 paper in six hours would cost $230. This is a fairly average length for an essay, but a pretty high cost. While a plagiarism report is free, one aspect that’s kind of a scam is the fact that you have to pay more for extras you may feel are necessary. 20% off isn’t a deal, when you need to add 10-20% for a top writer, or an advance draft. I’d rather think all writers are good than have to pay for a good one. order

Customer Service – Not Available and Not Helpful

When you login/sign in after you’ve made an account, you’ll feel safe because of the visible contact number and the promise of a refund if you’re not happy. However, you will not find anyone on the other end of the phone, and I found it completely impossible to get a refund after I was sent the work. I regretted my choice to sign up, and questioned if this was illegal/legal, as they clearly hadn’t provided what they advertised.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

Overall, I had a totally negative experience using Rephraser. The paper was so bad I could not hand it in without making loads of changes, and then I couldn’t even get a refund from the business, even though they’d promised me a great paper to hand in.

Rated: 2.3

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