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Priding themselves on the four main principles of Affordability, Transparency, Authenticity and Punctuality, I had high hopes for Essay Agents as a writing service. With a less than desirable website, I would be willing to look past this if the results were acceptable. In short, I highly doubt I’ll ever be returning to the site again.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – Average Selection of Services and Poor Website
  2. Content – Riddled With Mistakes and Plagiarism
  3. Customer Service – Is there a Customer Service Team?
  4. Conclusion

Services – Average Selection of Services and Poor Website

In all honesty, I think this may be one of the worst sites I have ever been on. The style, the layout, the functionality just simply doesn’t work and is not a suitable platform for a writing services provider. After finally navigating my way to the order page, I proceeded to fill out the long and steady process of my order, I was quoted a jaw dropping $425 for a 10 page research paper with a seven day deadline written to a PhD level. How they can justify this price, unless the quality is absolutely exception, is beyond me.

Essay Agents Review

Content – Riddled With Mistakes and Plagiarism

However, the quality was far from exceptional. I received the document on time, just, but upon reading through, I found that the article was completely worthless and definitely could not be handed into my school or college. To me, it looked as though the writer, who was obviously not native English and couldn’t even grasp the basic concept of a sentence structure or punctuation, must have sat down and copied my paper from somewhere without once checking his work as he wrote.

Upon scanning the document for plagiarism, it returned a super high match rate of 56%. This would have almost certainly have got me chucked out of my university. I honestly cannot believe how poor this content was.

Customer Service – Is there a Customer Service Team?

I very much doubt it. Upon taking to the site to air my complaints, I have still yet to get through to an actual member of staff. The live chat option is constantly offline, despite me getting up at all hours to check and the phone line doesn’t connect to any one or any building and just immediately cuts out.

I have sent several emails but I always receive a reply from my provider stating that the address is invalid and my email cannot be sent. So much for my ‘refund’.

essayagents order

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

In conclusion, EssayAgents is hands down one of the worst sites I have ever had to use and I regret that I have ever spent the time or the money on it. My advice is to stay as far away as you possibly can from this site and stick to the more trusted and reliable writing solution websites.

Rated: 2.2

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  1. are CHEATS and LIARS!
    I have ordered their Top Writer service. 3-page, single line, small 7-page case study analysis, and 6 days deadline. VERY clear and concise instructions. 1st writer failed deliver per instructions. 2nd writer simply PARAPHRASED another work. It was SO obvious to see a “right click” for suggested synonyms and twisted sentences. After missing their deadline by 2 days, they have given up, refused to refund AND (here is the kicker) MARKED THAT ORDER “A_P_P_R_O_V_E_D”, as if I did it. And then they sent me email, which read “You’ve recently approved your order 277*****….”

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