EliteWritings.com Review – You Should Avoid

elitewritings.com review

When I first logged onto Elite Writings, I was impressed with their simple yet professional design and seemingly easy to use website. However, this feeling was short lived and as I soon discovered that Elite Writings is one of those writing solutions site you should avoid at all costs.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – Limited Amount of Services
  2. Pricing – High Prices
  3. Content – Not Native Writers
  4. Customer Service – Incredibly Unhelpful Staff
  5. Conclusion

Services – Limited Amount of Services

Compared to other writing solution sites, EliteWritings has a vast amount of services to choose from but it’s worth noting that there’s not as many as some of the other solutions out there. All the basics are covered yet there are a few core essay types missing from the list, meaning it may not be suitable for students looking for a reliable service they can reuse that covers all the bases.

Pricing – High Prices

For my test article, I chose to order a college essay with a two day deadline that was ten pages long. To my horror, I discovered that the total bill came to over $170 and that was with the first time order discount of 25% AND without choosing other premium options such as having my order proofread by an editor. This is extortionate prices and simply not feasible on a student budget.

Content – Not Native Writers

Having received my order a day late, I was quick to notice that the article was written in an extremely poor level of English. This lead me to believe that the article was not written by a native English speaker, as the website promises. The document I received was riddled with spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes and there were only a few bits of key, valuable information statements provided. The majority of the text was just unnecessary filler content.

Customer Service – Incredibly Unhelpful Staff

I took to the on-site live chat to air my complaints and issues and to ask for a refund. After waiting several hours for a reply on the chat, I finally was connected a member of staff who obviously was not a native English speaker and struggled to understand my issues. I explained my situation and asked for a refund, to which I received the reply of that is not possible and I must refer to the refund policy.

This policy is simply a couple of sentences on the FAQ page stating that refunds are given when fairly requested.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on EliteWritings.com

My initial thoughts on EliteWritings.com were quickly changed after I began using the site, much to my disappointment. With poor quality content, terrible customer service and unclear terms of use polices, service users are much better off taking their writing business to more respected and trustworthy companies who offer a much better and much more affordable experience.

Rated: 2.3

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  1. who decided to call this service “elite”?! it is not elite at all, with the customer support they provided I wouldn’t dare calling them even below average.

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