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This semester I decided to deal with my stress about school work by admitting I needed some help and using an essay writing service, and I tried out Geekly Lab.

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Table of contents

  1. Services Offered – Impossible to Know What’s Available
  2. Prices – Hopefully You Can Negotiate
  3. Deadlines – Have To Trust Your Writer
  4. Quality Of Writers – Completely Unchecked
  5. Customer Service – Don’t Expect Support
  6. Conclusion

Services Offered – Impossible to Know What’s Available

It’s hard to say exactly what this website offers as there isn’t a set list of tasks to choose from, you just type in what you want, and they tell you if there’s an individual who can do what you want. This didn’t seem safe to me, as anyone can sign up and say they have skills in an area, which they might not be qualified for at all. So basically, there’s any service you type, but also no set list. You also have to sign up and make an account to see what’s available, which feels like a trap.

geeklylab review

Prices – Hopefully You Can Negotiate

Much like the services, there’s also no set price list. So you have to type what you want, see if there’s a person available for that kind of work (hope they can actually do it) and then negotiate a price with them. It may be way higher than expected, or it could be a good deal. It’s hard to know what’s legit, as expensive could seem like a rip off, where a low price could be a scam or a non-native English speaker. There’s no kind of discount or promotion or code or anything to knock the price down as you pay your writer personally.

Deadlines – Have To Trust Your Writer

Much like the services and the prices, you’ll agree on a deadline with your writer, or ‘geek’ and just have to hope they stick to it and don’t let you down. There’s no umbrella system or automatic guarantee. Having a legit writer who is free to answer questions and give updates is ideal, but there’s no guarantee of that. services

Quality Of Writers – Completely Unchecked

Literally anyone can login/sign in and become one of their writers. There’s no demanding interview to check the writers are good, you are just trusting your order with someone who wants to make easy money online. They may not have English as a first language or any kind of experience or training. There’s nothing illegal/legal about this as they don’t say their writers are fully checked professionals.

Customer Service – Don’t Expect Support

As everything is worked out between you and your ‘geek’ you’re expected to work out any problems with them. In my case, I had no chance for a refund for a terrible essay, and it took me weeks to get through to a person on the contact number, and even then they offered me no support.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

There are some great essay writing services out there that can help students avoid the stress and pressure of demanding college classes, but I had to leave this review to make sure in the future they know to avoid GeeklyLab. Find someone you can trust, which is definitely not this site.

Rated: 2.3

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  1. Do not use They basically take your assignment reword your questions as an answer or use a dictionary to try to define what your paper is about.

    I was told i would be getting someone experienced in marketing at an MBA level, instead i would say the paper quality i got back would be a D+ in high school.

    Customer support is terrible and they asked for a second chance to write the paper, only to provide a new version just as bad and left me less time to complete and turn in my assignment, which i had to write all over from the ground up.

    Stay away. They take you money and don’t deliver what was promised.

  2. the writer ended up writing a completely different paper, and I got charged! No refund, and because of this they delivered my paper 10 days after the deadline.

  3. wow, this is the most intricate essay writing service ever: to just buy an essay you need to go through all the hell, it’s like managing freelance team. Much easier is to go to old nice service that simply says ‘you can buy essay here’, and have editing and proofreading too, and the whole list of available services.

    this is a nightmare system.

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