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There’s plenty of essay writing sites out there, so you want to find one that’s going to give you exactly what you need. This review will focus on Boom Essays, one of the more popular sites out there at the moment. Are they up to the task? They say that they understand that modern students have more to cope with than students of the past, and so they’re here to help. Can they help you get the grades you need?

What services are on offer?

As you would expect, Boom Essays offers essay writing services to you. This can include term papers, research papers, book reports, and more. They can also handle your dissertation, if you’re struggling to get that sewn up before the end of the academic year. There’s other services too that you may find useful. There’s rewriting, which is great if you need an existing piece rewritten so you can use it in your studies. There’s proofreading and editing, something that everything student should take advantage of. There’s even a CV and resume writing service. If you’re about to graduate, that’s something you really should take advantage of.

Who writes for you?

BoomEssays hand pick their writers, who are all at least trained to degree level in their chosen subject. There’s plenty of writers with Masters degrees and even PhDs too. This means that every writer is well placed to write you a well researched, excellent essay, every time.

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If you need a specific writer, that isn’t a problem. You can go through a database of the writers on the site, and pick the best person for the job. That’s good to know for students who want a writer who’s highly qualified, or one that’s been with the company for a while.

What are the papers like?

The most important thing you need to know is, how good are the papers you order? After all, you don’t want to spend all your money on a paper that isn’t going to get good grades.

Having ordered sample essays, we can say that the ones we got were well written and researched, with real thought put into how they were written. Past customers, both on their website and ones that we’ve spoken to, say the same. Many say that the service they got was outstanding, and the marks they got on the papers were high. It’s clear that if you want an original, well thought out essay, have you covered.

How’s the Boom Essays service?

As well as the quality of the writing, you need to know that the quality of the service is up to the right standard. There’s lots of guarantees on the website that fill you with confidence before you even order:

  • 100% money back guarantee: If you’re not happy with your work, you can get rewrites of it for no additional charge. If you’re still not happy, you can have your money back, no questions asked.
  • 100% authentic writing: Many essay writing sites are plagued with resold essays or even plagiarised writing. BoomEssays promises that every essay they sell is unique to you.
  • No hidden charges: There’s no extra charges you need to pay when you order with Boom Essays. The price you’re given when you order is the price you pay.

All of these guarantees have been in place every time we have ordered from them. The staff on their customer care team are always friendly, and help you out whenever you need it.

How much does it cost?

Of course, you need to know how much it costs to order an essay. With all essay writing services, the cost of the writing will depend on what you need, and how soon you need it. We priced up the following essay, which is the most common one students buy:

– 2:1 standard undergraduate essay
– 2 pages long
– Due in 10 days

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The price we got was $31.98 USD. This is an excellent price, considering the prices lesser sites charge for their services. Considering the quality you get, this is well worth paying.

There’s also discounts on offer, if you want to save some cash. There’s a 15% off discount if you enter 15OFF when you make your first order. There’s also lifetime discounts on offer, topping out at 15% off when you order over 100 pages total. Review

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There’s a lot of reasons why you should go with Their writers are experts, and you can pick which one writes your essay. The quality of their writing is exceptional. Their service is second to none, and the prices are very reasonable. It’s hard to get this level of quality online, so give them a try the next time you need a paper. You won’t be disappointed.

Rated: 4.9

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    1. thanks for your advice, I believe this service can help to write an essay! their team consists of true professionals! thanks!

  1. I bought an essay from BoomEssays last week, and it worked awesome for my teacher. The writing style of a paper was interesting and informative and proved a point.

    1. I used this service not to long ago and it was great. Writers very friendly and website very easy to use. GREAT customer service would recommend using it again. Got an A on my history paper.

  2. This service was much more affordable than I thought it would be. I got a great essay for a lot less cash than I had budgeted for! I’ll definitely come back when I need help again.

  3. I’ve ordered a paper from them and can say it is the best quality paper from all services I’ve used before.

  4. They helped tremendously on my 25 page paper, financial statements and separate analysis. I could not have finished my degree without them. I ran into an issue with my due date looming and a urgent family health emergency. Truly, without BoomEssays, I would be in trouble. They were very quick to respond to all communications. This is an honest and true statement, I took a chance after reading other reviews but I can HONESTLY say that BoomEssays saved the day!

  5. guys Hi,
    this is my first time looking for a help with Boom Essyes , my project is an MBA,are they that strong and qualified , and trustworthy?

    1. Hi Yaser,
      Yes! I love BoomEssays! Used it 6 times and they helped me with my essays a lot! Don’t hesitate to try them.

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