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The landing page says it has some of the best writers around when it comes to essay writing. There’s hundreds of services out there, so that’s a bold claim to say the least. I’ve tried a fair few myself, sop can they really compare to what’s come before? This review will find out.

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  2. Writers
  3. Services
  4. Quality
  5. Customer Service
  6. Guarantees
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First things first, you need to know how much it will cost to buy an essay with UK Writings. Every site offers different pricing, and the prices will differ as every student needs different essays, and needs them within different time frames. However, I’ve put together the ‘average’ essay, in order for you to get a good idea of what UK Writings would charge you.

If you were to order a 2:1 standard essay, which was 2 pages long and needed to be delivered within 10 days, you’d be looking at a charge of £27.98. This price is much more reasonable than I was expecting. I’ve heard good things about this writing service, so I was expecting the prices to be higher.

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There’s discounts available too, if you want a real bargain. If you’re a first time buyer, you can get 16% off your order if you enter the code UKFIRST16 at checkout. If you remain a loyal customer, you can even get lifetime discounts. These level out at 15% off, once you’ve ordered 100 pages total with them.

ukwritings prices


The writers that word for UK Writings are all selected for their excellent writing skills and qualifications. If you order from them, you’ll be matched up with a writer that will have a skill set that matches the degree you’re studying. This is peace of mind for you, as you know that the writer will actually know their stuff when it comes to writing your essay.

If you need a writer, one will always be available as there’s so many on staff. If you want, you can even check them out for yourself, and pick one who you think would be the best to work with.

ukwritings writers


Ok, so what can the writers at UK Writings do for you?
First of all, they can handle any kind of academic writing. This can include:

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Book reports
  • Research papers
  • Term papers
  • Reviews

This isn’t everything they can handle though. There’s also the option to hire UK Writings to handle your admissions essays, if you’re in the process of applying for college. They’ll also handle rewriting, dissertations, and even CVs and resumes.

Finally, there’s a proofreading and editing service on offer. These are both highly useful for students who need to have a really important assignment checked over before they hand it in.


Ok, so the price is good and there’s lots of services on offer, but what is the writing actually like? Is it any good? In order to find out, I both got reviews from past customers, and ordered a few samples essay myself.

The essays I got when I ordered I found were some of the best ones I’ve ever ordered. They were all unique, and contained writing that was well presented and researched. I even ran them through plagiarism checkers, but they were totally original.

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When I spoke to past customers I heard pretty much the same stories. All the reviews were glowing, with students being particularly happy with the writing and the contact they had with their writer throughout the process.

ukwritings quality

Customer Service

If you’re thinking of ordering from UK Writings, you need to know that the service you’ll get with them is good, as well as the writing. It’s especially important that you can rely on them to be able to answer any questions you have, at any stage in the writing process.

I found their customer service staff to be some of the best I’ve ever spoken to. They were always friendly, no matter what time of day I got in touch with them. I was also able to get in touch with my writer when I needed to, something that was very helpful when I had additional research I wanted to give them for the essay.

ukwritings chat


There are plenty of guarantees in place to ensure that you get the most from your order. UK Writings promise that you always get 100% original content, something that I saw in all the orders I got. They also promise that if you aren’t happy with your order, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

So, should you order with UK Writings? I would definitely recommend them. They’re one of the best companies that I’ve ordered with in a long time. Their essays are well written, the service is exceptional, and all the past students I heard from got excellent grades with their orders. They’re well worth a try.

Rated: 4.9

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  1. Came across this writing service during a crunch time and decided to give them a try. Best decision I ever made! High-quality work, quick delivery, and fantastic communication.

  2. Never thought I’d need to use a writing service but here we are. UK Writings exceeded my expectations – the quality was outstanding and the customer service was top-notch. They’ve earned a loyal customer.

  3. used for a rather small assignment edit, would recommend them to any student needing that extra bit of help

  4. Was a lifesaver for my final year dissertation. I was struggling to find time and they stepped in at the perfect moment. The result? A beautifully crafted, thoroughly researched dissertation that earned me a distinction!

  5. Their writers are just fabulous – so professional and attentive to detail. My go-to service for all my university writing needs.

  6. UK Writings is an absolute game-changer! They delivered a brilliant case study for my business course. The work was pristine and well-researched. Spot on, mates!

  7. UKWRITINGS helped me with abstract and results chapters of my final year dissertation. I went through different sites in a search for a reliable writing service that can deliver me what I want. I’m glad my search ended up finding these guys.

  8. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my revisions till the day my assignment was due. The professor said the paper was excellent, but I think it would have been great if I got it just few hours earlier. Overall would still rate it 4/5 stars cos it was me who changed the deadline to much shorter than it was initially set in my order.

  9. Pro tip: don’t set paper due date with your actual submission time, always leave some time just in case

  10. A friend of mine recommended ukwritings, and now I am so glad that I found this website. The papers I received from them are good, even though sometimes may require some editing or revising, which I think is totally ok.

      1. you must be new here xD those cheaper “services” will provide you nothing or copy-paste from online sources in best scenario

  11. Trustpilot is completely messed up, so posting here 👉 I just want to say that I have had great experiences with in the past. They have really helped me out with some difficult assignments that I had and now I am working on my dissertation and they have been great again. I’ve recommended them to everyone who need help and will continue to use their services myself. Keep up the good work!

  12. I had an issue with my paper that required 3 or 4 revisions in total. It was related to calculations and the very specific formatting that I required. The rest is fine, so I’ll gladly use them again for my next papers.

  13. My essay was written in the desired style, and the topic was explained in a very easy to understand way. I am looking forward to order my next paper from them. Happy Christmas everyone!

  14. I am very glad that I purchased from UK Writings because their writers got top expertise in my discipline. How do I know? Well, I really wanted that assignment done in the best way possible, so I placed exactly the same order at 3 popular writing services. Only UK Writings managed to deliver what I wanted. They understand the requirements of the paper and ask for clarifications when needed. It is also clear that they understand the importance of getting the paper on time.

  15. I received a B for the paper. It had been well written and the research had been done correctly. It was sent to me before the deadline.

  16. The essay I ordered was delivered on time and it was flawless. The writer took great care to make sure my instructions were followed, so I’m satisfied with the quality.

  17. Whenever I need an essay done, I go to, they are really good and you can get a discount which is great

  18. So, I’ve tried this service a few times. Not all of what I got was perfect because I went for a cheaper writer and got some spelling and grammar mistakes. I mean, it’s affordable and good quality at that price. More expensive writers do better work, of course, so I decided to pay a bit more to get a bit more. All in all, I’m happy.

  19. I’m such a big fan of your work. Heard about UkWritings from a friend, decided to try and never looked back. Money well spent in my book.

  20. The prices are decent – they seem to understand a student’s budget much better than other services. Plus, the work is always great.

  21. They always send my essays in early. This allows me to go through and get back to them in case I have any complaints which I rarely ever do. With writing my essays, I am usually certain of meeting any deadline set by my professors.

  22. Very friendly yet professional, and ever willing to help. This is the best writing service I have encountered.

  23. My essays are always sent to me on time. UK WRITINGS is highly efficient and commendable. None of my essays have ever been late.

  24. As a student, money could be an issue sometimes. This is exactly why I like ukwritings. I can easily afford their rates without having to go bankrupt.

  25. With Uk Writings handing in my essays on time, I am inspired to work harder on my project. They also effectively reduce my workload and frees up time for studying and other assignments. I get to use my free time for other things to all thanks to you guys.

  26. I ordered essay from and the paper was on time and quality was good. They provide regular discount coupon. You just need to contact them or check discount page.

  27. I’m so pleased with the essay I got back from this writing service. It was well researched and written, and I could tell the writer knew their stuff. The grade I got was perfect, too. I’ll come back again.

  28. I’ve been looking for a premium service, Ukwritings is able to provide it! my essay on business law looked like it was really written by me.

    anonymous student from UAE

    thank you

  29. Admission essay from UK Writings landed me in a college of my dreams. So it proves the quality of essay.

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