Writeversity.com Review – There Are Much More Affordable Services

Writeversity Review

I had high hopes for Writeversity. With a high quality and seemingly easy to navigate website, this looks like a site that has the capability to be a decent writing solution service I would use frequently. To my surprise, I was completely let down by the quality of the articles and the customer service I received and highly advise anybody reading this to go elsewhere.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – Lack of Options
  2. Prices – Unaffordable Services
  3. Writers – Not Native English
  4. Customer Service – Unable to Contact
  5. Conclusion

Services – Lack of Options

As above, when first visiting the site, you’re greeted with a professional looking site. Begin using the site and you will soon realise that it’s riddled with bugs and broken links. When you finally navigate your way to the services pages, you’ll find an extensive list of services but all related to dissertations and thesis’s. No article, blog or proofreading services to be found.

Writeversity Review

Prices – Unaffordable Services

Upon visiting the price page, you’ll notice there is no easy to follow price table, just a small input box to receive a quote, with a different list of services than the services page?! Having filled out the box, I received a quote for a five page case study to a graduate level that would set me back just under $120! This is extortionate and must be a scam. There are much more affordable services out there on the market.

Writers – Not Native English

Having purchased my case study, I waited and waited and finally, two weeks after my proposed deadline, I received my document. I read through the document and was shocked at the poor English level, lack of sentence structure and the obvious lack of proofreading, despite me ordering it with that option! The writers on this site are obviously not native English writers, despite the site claiming all their writers are accredited writers from English speaking countries. It’s also worth noting that the document had a 31% plagiarism match meaning that this document was in no way ready to be handed in for a college hand-in.

Customer Service – Unable to Contact

I went back to the website to air my complaints on the delivery times and quality of the content, first using the live chat in which I had no response for over two hours and then taking to the phone where I just received endless ringing. I have filled out the customer contact form but I am still waiting for a reply.

Writeversity.com order

Writeversity.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on Writeversity:

To summarize, the experience I had with Writeversity.com was absolutely terrible and potentially one of the worst services I have ever used. If you’re a student or individual looking for a writing solution that fits your requirements, you can bet your bottom dollar that writeversity is not the one for you. There are much more developed, experienced and highly rated sites on the market and I highly recommend using one of them.

Rated: 1.3

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MyAssignmentHelp.com Review – Poor Quality Content

Myassignmenthelp.com Review

Signing onto My Assignment Help for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by the design of the site. It has a nice, professional feel to it that gave me high hopes that this was a good service. Unfortunately, this is one writing solution site that failed to deliver and left me feeling extremely disappointed, especially since the site prides itself on a ‘98% customer satisfaction rate’.

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Table of contents

  1. Website – Poor Design
  2. Prices – No Defined Prices
  3. Content – High Levels of Plagiarism & Low Quality
  4. Customer Service – Bad Refund Policy
  5. Conclusion

Website – Poor Design

After accessing the site, my first noticeable flaw was the constant bombardment of the live chat option that pops up consistently, even after closing it, right in front of the order box. When you finally get a chance to input your order, you’ll be able to choose from a very large range of services but, unfortunately, you won’t be able to simply choose from a drop down menu, you have to type it in yourself.

My assignment help Review

Prices – No Defined Prices

Having filled out the boxes for a five page college essay on social law, I received absolutely no indication of the price or could even find a price list on the website! I decided to take to the persistent live chat to ask about prices. To my surprise, I was greeted by an incredibly unhelpful assistant who quoted me a rough price of $300 and then decided to stop replying after two messages.

Content – High Levels of Plagiarism & Low Quality

I continued through and made my order. Astonishingly, I received my article the next day, on time, but that couldn’t redeem the fact that the document was, simply put, terrible. The document tested positive to a staggering 72% on a plagiarism checker and the parts that weren’t copied and pasted was just nonsensical rubbish. The writer may has well have just written random numbers and letters onto the page.

Myassignmenthelp.com services

Customer Service – Terrible Refund Policy

I returned to the ever helpful live chat customer service to ask for my refund. The chat assistant actually replied this time, stating that they will redo the assignment until I was happy with it. I gave them this opportunity and received a new article two days later. The second article was exactly the same as the first.

I went back to the live chat (there are no other ways to contact the company) and aired my complaints. The assistant stated that the refund policy states that I am not entitled to a refund but can instead claim my next article through the site absolutely free. Great.

MyAssignmentHelp.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on MyAssignmentHelp:

It may not surprise you that I just left it there. My experience using MyAssignmentHelp was poor to say the least. With an terrible refund/revision policy, consistently poor quality content and increasingly unfriendly, unhelpful customer service representatives, I think it’s safe to say that I will never be using MyAssignmentHelp.com ever again.

If you’re looking an online writing solution to fit your needs, you’re much better off paying one of the more respected and well reviewed sites a visit and taking your business there.

Rated: 1.9

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BestCustomWriting.com Review – Not As Timely As Advertised

BestCustomWriting.com Review

The Best Custom Writing website says that they can supply you with high quality essays, for less. Many other sites have claimed the same though, and turned on to be on the verge of illegal/legal. Is this site a scam, or can you trust them to be legit? This review will walk you through it.

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BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Table of contents

  1. Services – Missing some essential services
  2. Quality of writers – Essay not up to standard
  3. Prices – Price doesn’t reflect quality
  4. Deadlines – Not as timely as advertised
  5. Customer service – Unclear policies
  6. Conclusion

Services – Missing some essential services

There’s plenty on offer from BestCustomWriting, if you need anything written. You can have essays, lab reports, presentations, and even admissions essays written. There’s also editing services if you need them. However, I was disappointed to see they can’t offer services such as resume writing, something a lot of students could use these days.


Quality of writers – Essay not up to standard

I made sure to sign up for an account and place an order, so I could see what their writers could do. I found that what I was well below expectations. The essay was riddled with mistakes, and it was clear that the writer had no experience in my subject. I couldn’t use it without doing some serious editing work first.

Prices – Price doesn’t reflect quality

I paid $30.90 for my essay. This was for an undergraduate level, 2 page paper, delivered within 10 days. You can get a 12% discount on that price, if you use the promotion code. This price sounds like a deal, but in reality I was expecting much better quality for what I paid.

bestcustomwriting.com order

Deadlines – Not as timely as advertised

If you log in/sign into the BestCustomWriting.com site, you’ll see they promise to have essays with you as soon as they can. However, I was waiting almost until the deadline to get my essay. It shows that the writers are trying to get too much done at once, so they couldn’t deliver mine quickly. It’s not good if you have your own tight deadlines to meet.

Customer service – Unclear policies

I tested out the customer support by asking for a refund on my essay. You can get in touch via their contact number, or with the free options available, such as live chat or email. I found that getting answers to my requests was surprisingly difficult, and that the refund policy wasn’t as clear as advertised. I did manage to get my money back, but it was a real effort.

BestCustomWriting.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on BestCustomWriting.com:

If you’re looking for a safe site to buy from, I can’t recommend bestcustomwriting.com. Their writers are clearly trying to juggle too many jobs, so they can’t give you the quality that you need from an essay. Instead, investigate better quality sites by reading my reviews. You can get excellent essays, for around the same price.

Rated: 2.1

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DoMyPapers.com Review – Didn’t Get My Money’s Worth

DoMyPapers Review

Students are always juggling their work and their student life, and sometimes they need a little help. Do My Papers say they can get your essays done for you. Are they legit, or just another writing scam aimed at those in need? This review will find out.

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BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
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Table of contents

  1. Services – Not enough variety
  2. Quality of writers – Written in a rush
  3. Prices – Didn’t get my money’s worth
  4. Deadlines – Almost missed
  5. Customer service – Difficult communications
  6. Conclusion

Services – Not enough variety

DoMyPapers can handle regular writing assignments, such as presentations and essays. They can also do more dedicated work, such as business plans and lab reports. However, there’s no proofreading or other services that other sites can provide.


Quality of writers – Written in a rush

To test the writers, I made an account, made sure to log in/sign, and placed my order. The writing I got back wasn’t up to my usual standards. It seems as though they were in a rush, as easy mistakes were left in and it was in serious need of editing. I couldn’t have handed it in as it was.

Prices – Didn’t get my money’s worth

I bought a 2 page undergraduate essay, in order to be delivered in 14 days. I paid $26 for my essay. This seems like a great deal for my essay, but I really don’t feel as though I got my money’s worth. I didn’t get any discount or promotion code either, so I couldn’t even knock some money off the price I paid.

Deadlines – Almost missed

When you sign up with the DoMyPapers.com website, it says that orders are always completed in time for the deadline. In fact, my experience was that my writer almost missed it. It was clear the essay was written in a rush, so they must have been juggling several essays at once. If you want a guarantee you’ll get your essay in time, it won’t be safe to order from here.

domypapers.com prices

Customer service – Difficult communications

Any good writing service must have a customer support number, or it can be a sign they’re bordering on the illegal/legal. Do My Papers does have free ways to contact them, but they’re not great. I asked for a refund, and it took a lot of back and forth before I could get it. Students don’t have a lot of time, and they don’t need to be fighting with customer service about basic issues.

DoMyPapers.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on DoMyPapers.com:

I can’t recommend Do My Papers to students, as it’s clear that their writers are very much overworked. As this is the case, you won’t get an essay that will get you the grades you need. You’d honestly be better off writing it yourself. Instead, I suggest going to a better reviewed service, and getting an essay from them. You’ll pay around the same but get much better quality.

Rated: 2

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DarwinEssay.net Review – Don’t Buy From Here

DarwinEssay Review

Darwin Essay say they can take the stress out of writing your essays. A lot of scam websites say the same thing, though. Are they on the same illegal/legal border, or are they legit? I’ve written this review to give you the lowdown.

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BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Table of contents

  1. Services – Writers can’t handle it all
  2. Quality of writers – Lack of experience
  3. Prices – Not enough deals on offer
  4. Deadlines – Down to the wire
  5. Customer service – Unclear refund policies
  6. Conclusion

Services – Writers can’t handle it all

At DarwinEssay, there appears to be plenty of services on offer. There’s the usual writing services, from essays to presentations. There’s also proofreading services if you want an existing essay checked over, and resume writing services for recent graduates. There’s plenty on offer, but I wonder if the writers can handle all of this.

DarwinEssay Review

Quality of writers – Lack of experience

To put this website to the test, I made an account and placed an order to see what they could give me. What I got back was very poor indeed. The writer had clearly no experience in my field of study, and so the essay was something that I couldn’t hand in. It clearly hadn’t been proofread either. I expected more from all the promises they gave me, so I was disappointed to say the least.

Prices – Not enough deals on offer

I paid $28 for my essay with DarwinEssay.net. This was for a 2 page, undergraduate level essay, to be delivered within 10 days. There’s no promotion code available, but you can get a 5% or 10% discount, if your order exceeds $500 or $1000. The price I got sounds like a deal, but you can get much better writing, for cheaper.

darwinessay prices

Deadlines – Down to the wire

When you sign up, the site says that you’ll get your essay well in time for your deadlines. This wasn’t the case though, as my writer struggled to get my essay to me on time. This is a concern, as you can’t afford for essays to be late when you have your own deadlines to meet. This wouldn’t be great for anxious students who were hoping to get their essays in early.

Customer service – Unclear refund policies

There’s lots of ways to get in touch if you need support. There’s a free call back service, as well as a contact number you can ring if needed. I tested it out by asking for a refund on my paper, as it was so bad. When you log in/sign in, you’re told there’s a 100% money back guarantee on your essay. However, getting that money back was much harder than I thought it would be.

DarwinEssay.net Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on DarwinEssay.net:

If you’re looking for a safe way to buy essays, Darwin Essay isn’t the place to go. Their prices are fairly reasonable, but the quality of the writing was severely lacking. Instead, I would recommend finding a better rated service. You’ll get a much better essay for the same price, so don’t take the risk with this writing service.

Rated: 1.7

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GoNerdify.com Review – Low Quality

nerdify Review

Nerdify bill themselves as a slightly different university writing service. They only operate through text or Facebook Messenger, and they say they’ll help you with any task. This review will check how illegal/legal their services are, and whether they can really offer you a deal.

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BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Table of contents

  1. Services – Not a Clear Idea of What They Will or Won’t Do
  2. Quality of Writers – Essay I Got Wasn’t Great
  3. Prices – Extremely High
  4. Deadlines – Almost Missed
  5. Customer Service – Poor
  6. Conclusion – Don’t Recommend

Services – Not a Clear Idea of What They Will or Won’t Do

Go Nerdify are slightly different, as they don’t lay out everything they can do. However, they do say that you can text them and ask. Some examples given are writing, exam question help, and book deliveries. It does mean they could have a wide range of services on offer, but there’s not a clear idea of what they will or won’t do.


Quality of Writers – Essay I Got Wasn’t Great

The writers at this website, called ‘Nerds’, were put to the test. I found the log in/sign in page and made myself an account, ready to order. They were happy enough to help, but the essay I got wasn’t great. It seems as though the Nerds are Jacks of all trades. It was clear that the writer I had didn’t have a background in my subject, so the essay really was lacking. I couldn’t have handed it in as it was.

Prices – Extremely High

I paid $30 for my essay, which was a 2:1 standard, 2 page undergraduate essay. That’s about average, but the essay I got wasn’t great. There’s no discount or promotion code either, so there’s no real advantage to staying loyal to GoNerdify.com. They are a legit company, but I feel that the price I paid was too high to be a real deal. Also, it’s worth noting that there’s no pricing matrix on the website itself. If you want a price, you’ll need to text in.

Deadlines – Almost Missed

I gave the ‘Nerd’ I worked with my deadline, and they did manage to deliver in time, but only just. As an anxious student, I want to know where everything is at all times. Not having my essay until so late in day wasn’t good for me or my blood pressure.

gonerdify review

Customer Service – Poor

You can contact the Nerds via text message, or for free via Facebook Messenger. If you don’t want to use those methods though, you may be out of luck. I had to ask my Nerd for a refund, which was very awkward. There really should be a safe, dedicated support number, so you can ask these kinds of questions when you need to. Without it, it makes customer service sometimes awkward.

GoNerdify.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on GoNerdify.com:

There’s plenty of sites that will scam you, but GoNerdify isn’t one of them. However, I think they’re spreading themselves too thin. They’re not able to provide the quality you need. Instead, sign up for an account at a better reviewed site. You won’t regret it.

Rated: 1.8

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PersonalStatementWriter.com Review – Don’t Use For Your Applying

Personalstatementwriter.comAs I’d heard quite a few people mention PersonalStatementWriter, I decided it was time to try out the service and see if they could be relied upon to help with the writing of university applications.

Top Essay Writing Services

Company Quality Prices Support More
BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Table of contents

  1. The Website Itself – 4/10
  2. Services – 1/10
  3. Prices and Discounts – 1/10
  4. Quality – 1/10
  5. Customer Support – 5/10
  6. Summary

The Website Itself – 4/10

As I didn’t need to login/signup for prices, so I really thought this website was legit. I’m beginning to think that the reviews they showcase are completely fake and written by their own staff as part of the illegal/legal scam. Making an order was easy, then problems started.

Personalstatementwriter review

Services – 1/10

Personal Statement Writer is all about application essays like personal statements and fellowship applications. Whether you’re applying to college, grad school, or even for a job, they’ll offer to write you’re the essay you need to get in, as well as text such as resumes or statement of intent. They’ll also try and tempt you to buy vague extras like ‘brainstorming services.’

Prices and Discounts – 1/10

While there’s apparently currently a discount on all products, there are no special codes and promotions are only for when you buy multiple products at once. Their price list made me believe I’d be paying about $50 for a personal statement but it later became apparent that the seemingly low prices are based on 1 page/550 words. It’s safe to say most schools ask for at least 2000 words, so suddenly my great deal was over $250. And this increases for fast turnaround or applications to medical or law school, which would come to $443 if you were in a rush.

personalstatementwriter.com prices

Quality – 1/10

And here was my main problem – I paid a lot of money thinking that I would get the best paper. This was not the case, and it’s seriously not usable for any decent kind of school. This did not feel like it was written by a professional, it felt like someone had been given a ‘how to’ book and filled the blanks. I can’t afford to use another service, and now have even less time to write my own.

Customer Support – 5/10

So there’s an email address and phone number and even online chat, so they’re easy to contact– but they wouldn’t refund my account. They did make the grammar corrections for free, but that is just fixing a tiny part of the problem.

PersonalStatementWriter.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on PersonalStatementWriter.com:

Overall I’d rate this service as 2/10 as I wanted was a paper to send to college, and I don’t have that.

  • The website – 4/10 as it was easy to use
  • Customer service – 5/10 as they were easy to contact, but then wouldn’t refund or get me a new essay
  • Prices – 1/10 as this is more expensive than other services, for poorer quality
  • Deadlines – 2/10 as you have to pay more for quick work
  • Quality – 1/10, as there is just no way I can send this paper off and get into college. I’ll need to re-write it completely.

I would not recommend PersonalStatementWriter.com to anyone; you’ll end up paying for a product that is completely useless for your purposes.

Rated: 1.4

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PrescottPapers.com Review – Don’t Risk Your Grades

Prescottpapers Review

There’s lots of writing services out there that are a scam, or border on the illegal/legal side of things. I wanted to know if Prescott Papers was legit, or another service to avoid. This review will get to the bottom of things.

Top Essay Writing Services

Company Quality Prices Support More
BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Table of contents

  1. Services
  2. Quality of writers – Low
  3. Prices – Astronomical
  4. Deadlines –  Almost Missed
  5. Customer service – Very Poor


When you check out the PrescottPapers website, you can see that they offer a few different types of services. There’s academic writing, so essays and assignments are covered. You can get your theses written, or even have a speech written if you sign up for an account. However, there’s lots more services that other sites are offering these days. As it is, they can’t really compete.


Quality of writers – Low

I wanted to know if it’s safe to order with this service, so I placed a few orders to see how good their writers are. It turned out that the quality of writing is really very low. There were errors that should have been picked up by proofreading, and information was missing from each paper. I couldn’t have handed these in if these were for real assignments.

Prices – Astronomical

Prices will always depend on what you order, but as a reference, I ordered a 2 page undergraduate essay, to be written within 10 days. I paid $172 total.

As you can see, that’s an incredibly high price compared to other writing services. You can’t even get a promotion code or discount on that. With the quality of the writing being so low, you’d wonder why you’d even bother with Prescott Papers.

prescottpapers prices

Deadlines –  Almost Missed

My order said that my papers would be with me within 7-10 days. As it was, the papers came really last minute. I honestly thought that they were going to forget my papers altogether! If you’re on a tight deadline, these won’t be the writers for you. Your blood pressure won’t be safe with these writers!

Customer service – Very Poor

When you log in/sign in with PrescottPapers.com, you have a few ways of contacting them. There’s a free online chat service, as well as a contact number. This is a good idea if you need support with your paper. I tested it by getting in touch about getting a refund. After all, they were terrible! I found it very difficult to get what I needed, and many people I spoke to weren’t even aware of my order! Very poor.

PrescottPapers.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on PrescottPapers.com:

Prescott Papers aren’t offering the deal they say they are. You’re much better off going elsewhere for your academic writing needs. The writing was shoddy, the delivery was almost late, and the price was astronomical. You can get much better writing for a much better price elsewhere. Don’t risk your grades on bad writing, it’s not worth it.

Rated: 1.6

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InstantWritings.com Review – Failure to Provide an Essay

InstantWritings.com Review

One of the hardest parts of being a student is essay writing. Sitting down, staring at a blank sheet of paper, trying to remember what was learnt in class all those weeks ago, it’s just not for me and I know it’s the same story for many others out there.

InstantWritings is a poor example of a service that takes away that struggle. The site attempts to provide a platform where users can pay to have their essays written and completed by a supposedly professional writer with the aim to provide great service and a low cost solution to high quality, essay writing issues.

Unfortunately, Instant Writings did not provide to expectation.

Top Essay Writing Services

Company Quality Prices Support More
BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Products & Services

Instant Writings allows students of high school age and above to sign up and submit work for a limited amount of services including, but not limited to;

  • Essay Writing (inc. admission essays)
  • Article Review
  • Case Studies
  • Coursework
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • Presentation
  • Proofreading
  • Research Papers
  • Term Papers

The site covers a small range of subjects compared to other similar sites and gives the user the ability to choose from the number of sources used, what format the document should be submitted in and to what academic level you require.

Compared to other websites of a similar description, this is a poor range of services and topics cover. There is no proof of the quality of the writers on the site, a very basic review and testimonial system and no guarantees.


Prices and Discounts

For my review test, I wanted a standard term paper, written to a college graduate level for my ‘accounting’ class. I specified that I wanted five sources and I wanted the paper written to an MLA format.

On the next page, I stated that I require the paper to be six pages (1650 words), single spaced with a five day deadline, written by the ‘best writer available’. The total price came to staggering $192.00. As it was my first time, I could get a measly 5% off the total price using the discount promotional code on the homepage.

It’s worth noting that in this promotional banner, the word coupon is spelt ‘Coupone’. Not a great sign for a website that prides itself on professional writing services.

You can also add Plagiarism reports ($10), Abstract pages ($15) and VIP Support options to your order. ($15). There are much more affordable writing solutions out there on the market.

InstantWritings order

Services & Website Navigation

In all fairness, InstantWritings.com is relatively easy to navigate. Every page can be accessed via the fixed navigational bar at the top and pages are fast to load.

Upon reading the testimonials page, pretty much all of the review are 4.5/5 stars out of five but these reviews do strike me as legitimate reviews. There is no mention of what service each member used or what writing solution they paid for, meaning these reviews are relatively broad. This leads me to believe these reviews are false and that the website could be a scam or operating illegally.

There is a brief contact page where you can call, email and for some reason, the location of the head office. Many similar sites now offer in-site contact forms or live chat options so if you’re looking for a service with better customer service options, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Upon visiting the frequently asked questions page, you’ll notice there is only 19 very broad questions that are not very helpful and more times that not, ask you to contact the site for more details.

This, alongside poor customer service options, means that using the site and the task of proving its credibility is very difficult. There is also no clear option or statement saying how, or if it’s even possible to receive a refund for poorly written content.

Many of the frequently asked questions state that there is a 30 day money back guarantee and that payments to the site are completely safe and secure. This would be great but there is no form of security badge present on the site and no suggestion of a leading payment platform operating with the site.

InstantWritings.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on InstantWritings.com:

Although Instant Writings initially comes across as quite a professional site, looking to the details and pricing, there is a lot to be explained. Typos throughout the website, expensive services and little to no trust reviews on websites such TrustPilot, there are much better websites available to take your essay writing tasks.

Rated: 1.9

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ExpertWritingHelp.com Review – A Scam

Expertwritinghelp Review

Having heard from some friends about the services offered by ExpertWritingHelp I decided to check them out and hire them to write a university paper.

Top Essay Writing Services

Company Quality Prices Support More
BoomEssays.com 9.6 9.8 9.4 Visit Site
EssayRoo.com 9.5 9.7 9.5 Visit Site
UKWritings.com 9.4 9.8 9.2 Visit Site

Who Are Expert Writing Help?

As they seemed like a big business, I assumed they’d have someone ideal to do my paper. It seems that they offer a bunch of services that are super easy to order, but it’s a bit of a scam as their ‘experts’ do not live up to expectations.


I kind of trusted them because they didn’t just write essays and papers for different levels of education, but they’d also proofread them. I figured that the writers must be high quality if they would critique other work, so I figured ExpertWritingHelp.com was legit and safe to use. I decided to sign up, create an account, and the next time I went to log in/sign in I made my order, for what I thought was a custom essay.


Prices and Discounts

It’s hard to say exactly as there are lots of factors that make a difference to price – the higher level of education and how fast you need it are the biggest factors. Like most students, I only used the service when I was desperate and had little time, so my 3000 word paper in 2 days cost $275. There was a discount code available as part of a promotion, but this was only 10%, so the prices are quite high. If I’d needed this in a matter of hours I’d have ended up paying $500 – or even more for a longer essay.

Quality of Papers

Unfortunately, I couldn’t even hand in the paper they sent me. I probably spent as much time re-writing and making changes as if I’d just written it myself. They’ll make revisions for free, but these are very minor. The main hint that the quality is low is that Expert Writing Help will offer to do a lot of work in three hours – there’s no time to make something good, they prioritize profit.

Expertwritinghelp.com quality

Customer Support

It’s almost impossible to find a way to contact them, no phone number, no email, and very little support when you have a problem. I couldn’t get a refund for my bad paper, and I’m sure their advertising is on the border of illegal/legal as they do not live up to expectations.

ExpertWritingHelp.com Review

Mary Walton‘s conclusion on ExpertWritingHelp.com:

I had to leave a review to warn others from using this site, which I would rate as 1/10. The prices were high and the quality was low. If you don’t have time to write or edit your own papers, look for help somewhere other than this website.

Rated: 1

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