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Academized is a complete and comprehensive essay writing service that promises to provide an “exceptional” service that comes with guaranteed results. It’s easy to see why students flock to the site.

But, in light of making sure it’s the right service for you, here’s everything you need to know about in a detailed review.

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  1. Services
  2. Writers
  3. Quality
  4. Prices
  5. Support
  6. Conclusion

What Services Can I Buy at

As youэd expect from a leading site, you can order all kinds of custom essay writing tasks. Some of these include your standard essay and term papers, all the way through to dissertations and complete academic projects. There’s even editing and proofreading services available if you need them.

For those in need, there’s even a CV/Resume writing service and admissions letter service to help you get the job or academic position that you’ve been dreaming of.

academized writing services

Academized Writers

The Academized hiring process is one of the most precise that I’ve ever seen. The candidates must go through a several stage process, making sure they produce high-quality work at every turn. Otherwise, they won’t be securing the role.

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The majority of the writers come from academic backgrounds and are highly qualified in their industries. You can even meet the writers by visiting the “Our Writers” page.

What Sort of Quality Does Academized Produce?

Of course, the most important aspect of these services is the quality and whether or not it’s going to get you the grade that you deserve.

Searching on the “Reviews” page, I found a collection of shining reviews stating how much the writing service has helped out and how many people have been satisfied with the service. To clarify these reviews, I searched online, at sites like TrustPilot and review forums.

Much to our surprise, I found that the majority of people only had good things to say about the service. Of course, there are a handful of reviews, less than 3%, where people weren’t happy with the service or received their work late but what kind of business isn’t going to have customers like that? Prices

For a service this good, you’d probably expect to pay a fortune. However, heading over to the “Pricing” page, you’ll find an automatic pricing calculator where you can work out your quote.

check prices

To give you a rough idea of the prices, a Master’s, ten-page essay, written do a 7-day turnaround time will cost you about $249. This is relatively affordable as a one-off service but maybe a bit much for a regular service. However, there are “Ultimate Discount” offers available that run month to month. discounts

What is Academized Support Like?

Additionally, one thing you’ll want to remember to check is how great the customer support teams are. If it’s approaching your deadline and you still haven’t seen your assignment turn up, and you’re starting to panic, you need a team by your side which is there to help.

With, you’ll find a live chat feature on every single page of the website as well as a toll-free US phone line, so you can simply call them up anytime. You’ll also find a contact email address and a feedback form on the contact page that you can fill out!

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

Academized has proven to be one of the leading custom essay writing services. This is because they care about their customers and have gone out the way to give them the best experience, whether it’s in the quality of the content, the customer support or anything in between.

Rated: 4.9

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  1. I used this service a couple of times now, and will use in the future. Academized deliver on time, fast, and the essays are high quality, interestingly written.

  2. I can’t believe just how good the writers are here. I’ve ordered a few different essays, and they were brilliant every time. I’ll be coming back to get more help when my next assignments are given to me.

  3. I’m going to university while raising my children, and it’s a struggle to say the least. I find it very hard to find the time to write my essays. This service has been a lifesaver for me. They’ve handled everything for me, so I can get on with looking after my children. I can use the essays once they’re done without any fuss. I don’t know how I’d get through uni without their help.

  4. The discounts on offer were very handy. I used mine to knock some cash off the final asking price. As a student on a budget, I was very grateful for it.

  5. Never going back to any other writing service, academized do everything I need them to do. They’re great at writing and cheap, too.

  6. I thought it was going to be expensive ordering an essay from a writing service, but Academized was a lot cheaper than I was expecting. I got a real bargain.

  7. can get you an essay in a real hurry. I only had a couple of days before I had to hand my essay in, and they were still able to write it before I needed it. It was great too, no rushed work. I’ll come back when I need help again.

  8. Such an Outstanding Company. This site offers a stress-free service to customers. The work is always well written and delivery time is superb, even their customer service is awesome, they always understand the motives of my need. Thanks a lot

  9. I’ve had problems with plagiarism before, but this company has always given me totally original writing. Will come back again.

  10. I’m on a strict budget, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford an essay from a writing service. Academized was very affordable though, so I could buy an essay when I needed it the most. I’ll come back in the future when I need more.

  11. I had a classmate tell me about this service. I was given a paper that I wasn’t sure how to approach so I figured why not! I am so happy I did. Not only did your writers understand everything I needed to be done, but they were also able to deliver it back to me very quickly! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much, you really saved me with this one.

  12. I can’t thank academized,com enough for what they’ve done for me. When I was struggling with my essays, they were able to step in and give me the help I needed. I feel much more confident in my subject now.

  13. My friend told me about your service. I was a bit skeptical but was given a difficult assignment from my professor, and decided to try it, what else do I have to lose. I am so glad I did. I was given quality work back, and it really helped me to understand the assignment. I am looking forward to the next assignment that I can use Academized for. Thank you so much!

  14. I never have enough time to get my essays done. Having this service on my side has been great, as they’ve been able to handle them for me. I can just collect the essays when they’re done. I’ve recommended them to my friends as I want them all to know how helpful they’ve been for me.

  15. Everything I’ve ever received from Academized has been excellent. Perfect grammar, spelling, punctuation, and best of all, punctual!

  16. I’ve always had quick responses and well-done work. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I don’t know what I would do without Thank you!!

  17. If you’re going to order from an any writing service, it’s got to be I’m blown away every time by the expertise of their writers, they really are great at what they do.

  18. Really fantastic service. I was treated like a real person, they understood I was under pressure and that I needed help fast. Will come back again.

  19. I’ve used other writing sites in the past, but I hadn’t been impressed with them. I decided to try this one because it had good reviews. I was pleased to find out that they were all well deserved. My writer wrote an excellent essay that I couldn’t have done myself, not in the time frame I had. It’s clear this service is a step above the others, and I’ll come back when I need help again.

  20. Academized is one of the best services I have ever used. They always help me quickly when I’m in a hurry and their team or representatives is really impressive.

  21. The team of this company is just perfect. They are such awesome people, I can’t even describe it. Several times now, they have accepted to do my essay even if I was really late and needed it overnight or even in a couple of hours. Really reliable and always on time.

  22. Whenever I’m in need of an essay, this is the service I go to. They do great work and they keep surprising me with discounts and tips as I’m a repeat customer. The essays are always brilliant, everyone who works with them knows that.

  23. I had many issues with essay writing companies in the past. It was always too expensive and then I would get something really bad, off topic, and even plagiarized a few times. And they wouldn’t give me a refund or even respond.

    Then I found Academized and I never looked back. They always give me pure quality and it’s always on time. I love working with them because they are pleasant and truly care about their product and customers.

  24. very reliable website to work with, I’ve ordered 2 assignments and they both went smooth thanks to them. it is very important to provide as much details and information about your order as possible, this will result in a great paper and easier communication between you and writer. all the best to all of ya

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