How Can Time Tracking Help Students Learn Faster?

We all know how hard is to focus on learning while everything around distracts us. Meetings with friends, emails and social media notifications – all of them seem to be more important than studying, especially when the exams are coming. We realize the time mostly when it is too late to work hard. It causes stress, decreases the concentration and makes that we believe in yourself less. It is almost impossible to succeed, right? But there is a way to avoid these situations… And it is more obvious than you think!
The answer is… using a time tracker for your computer or mobile device!

It Helps You Allocating Time

So many things to learn, so little time to study… Sounds familiar, huh? The perfect organization is the key to success. First, find out which time of the day is the most appropriate for you to learn. Most of the people prefer to study in the morning, but there are some night owls around them! Second, try to eliminate all the distractions – lay your phone down, turn the computer off and tell your parents and friends that this time is just for you. Third, turn the time tracker off to find out how much time it took you to read all the notes or part of the book. It will help you to know which subjects are the most time-consuming or easier to learn in a short amount of time.

It Can Open Your Eyes on Where Your Time is Really Being Spent

Most of us write down the hours spent on studying on a piece of paper. But what in the case when the sheets are missing, or we forget to add a note? Using a time tracker helps you avoid failing in the hours keeping. Even if you are at home or school, this kind of tool allows you are logging the hours and assign them to the preferred project. Create as many projects as you need – for the subjects or exams and find out how much time you usually spend working on them. Time tracking software helps you to manage the time devoted to studying and keep it organized, assigned to the projects and tasks.

It Helps the Students Incorporate Good Habits

We usually don’t know how much time we will spend on preparing for exams or next classes, that is why it is even harder to take the book down from the shelf. Using a time tracker delivers us the detailed reports about how our time is being spent and points the most time-consuming tasks. This is the best way to start prioritizing and find out the real value of hours spent on learning each subject. Prioritizing leads us straightforward to learning new things faster because we don’t need the extra time to consider what we should do first. You can also connect the time tracking software to the project management tools like Asana, Podio or Trello to manage the activities more efficiently.

It Makes You More Disciplined

From the early age, I remember that the more I had been controlled, the better results I delivered. People around me – teachers, parents or older siblings checked the homework and kept on recording my progress. But one day I became too old to let the other people control me and so the other students were. Help comes from the technology because time tracker replaces the human perfectly! Once you launch the app, you will never forget that it’s tracking time for your tasks. It is not a person, but the effect is the same as being under the human control – you do not want to be ashamed of your results, do you?

It Helps You Understand the Progress

Better results and grades are the best way to find out that we are making progress. But how to check how effective we’re learning new things? Here comes the time tracking software again! With few clicks you can see clearly how your time is being consumed – these tools deliver the detailed reports about the projects and tasks time is tracking for. Hours spent on learning are safely stored in the cloud and ready to use when you need to generate the report. Assign one day per week to analyze the results of time tracking and don’t forget to look over the monthly report!

As you can see, time tracking is not only the solution for companies and freelancers! It’s a perfect solution to stay disciplined and see the progress for students, who often have some problems with staying organized. The days of being lazy are over – launch your time tracker on the computer and mobile phone and say hello to the new way of productive studying!

Written by: Ola Rybacka
Social Media Manager at TimeCamp, new media maniac and Ph.D. student. She’s writing about productivity and tries to help people incorporate time management good habits. Find her on her Facebook, and Twitter!

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