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Are you running out of time on your upcoming assignment? Perhaps you completely forgot about one of your tasks, and you’re now looking for a custom essay writing service to help you get the grades you deserve.

During your search online, you may have come across My Perfect Words, an essay writing service that boasts 0% plagiarism, fast delivery times and high-quality content. However, looks can be deceiving, so let’s explore the site to see whether it’s right for you.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – 5/10
  2. Pricing – 5/10
  3. Content Quality – 4/10
  4. Customer Service – 3/10
  5. Conclusion – 4/10

Services – 5/10

Despite there being no dedicated services page, you can use the slightly-hidden order form on the homepage of the website to see whether the service you require is supported. In the list, you’ll find a range of services, around 40 in total, covering most of the assignments types.

However, there are a few noticeable services missing, such as editing and proofreading services, meaning some students may have to take their business elsewhere.

my perfect words review

Pricing – 5/10

Using the order form or the pricing page, you can find out an accurate quote for your work for free. The price is based on the deadline you require, the number of pages you want and the academic level of the writing.

To give you a rough guideline on what prices are like, an essay, written to a Master level with a 3-day deadline will cost you around $22.75 per page. This is quite an expensive service, although it’s definitely not the most, it all depends on your budget.

Content Quality – 4/10

While there are reviews of the service hosted on their website, around 2000+ 5-star reviews, none of these reviews have any dates, meaning they could be years out of date and no longer relevant. This forced me to look online for more information using review and trust websites.

Searching online, I found a variety of mixed reviews on While some, a minority, of reviews claimed the site was average but still did the job, others complained of a lack of customer support, late delivery times, poorly-written content and even examples of plagiarism that deemed the assignments unusable without editing. order

Customer Service – 3/10

Heading over to the contact page, you’ll find a basic email form you can fill out, as well as an SMS phone number, an info email address and a physical address. This is a very poor selection of customer support options since there’s no international support and help isn’t divided between pre and post-sales departments.

This leads me to believe that the service is rather small scale and therefore you may be feeling left in the dark when the service gets busy.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

As you can see, there are many unique parts to consider when it comes to MyPerfectWords. While the pricing isn’t the worst, it’s safe to say that the website doesn’t deliver the high-quality and professional service that you’d expect. Most students might try to find more credible and reputable website.

Rated: 2.4

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  1. Please do not make a mistake by seeing something not real, all the good reviews aren’t real from customers like me, I am the real customer, they don’t give you anything real here. The writers are all in Indian, they write unnecessary stuff on your paper, they don’t follow instructions, they lie on your paper. How come you do this, please people avoid this site, it’s not helping here, it’s just ripping money off from students

  2. This company is an absolute scam and why are they still allowed to trade on the internet!?!They copy and paste from the internet and my essay was 90% plagiarized and made no sense whatsoever and it failed. They will not refund your money and phone you up verbally threatening you if you politely persist for fair play and money back. Their website is a pack of lies and total fabrication. Disgusting and disgraceful and despicable company and the people who work for it and they should all hand their heads in shame.

  3. They Are FRAUDSTERS
    These people plagiarized my entire paper (99% plagiarism match) and I was dropped from the course and faced a disciplinary action. I contacted them, and they refused to take any responsibilities, they did not refund my money ($60) neither did they made any attempt to listen to me. They keep coming up with excuses. I strongly advised anyone considering using their service to STOP and think twice, they are all about the money. DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICES because they will plagiarize your paper and mess up your education. They Are FRAUDSTERS. I paid for the service and expected the paper to be written solely for me but rather they copied and plagiarized the 99% of the paper.

  4. The essay I received was laughable. It was the worst written essay I ever read. Shame on me for not doing the research on this fraudulent company before giving them my money.

  5. This website is awful. My paper was a reworded version of the first essay that had popped up on google. Customer service offered nothing even after given clear examples.

  6. This company is the worst. They are overseas and publicly made to appear as if they are here in the States. My paper was unusable and it was obvious that the writer doesn’t speak English as a primary language. They copy/pasted from wikipedia, used negligible punctuation, had no grasp of the English language, and then cut me off when I demanded a refund. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

  7. This company are not genuine or trustworthy and they do not deliver what they state on their website. Their website is a deliberate trap to convince you that you will receive a quality service with a money back guarantee. Nothing could be further from the truth. They deliberately portray themselves as English with English names but they are Asian. Their writers are dreadful and they cannot even understand the essay brief or answer the question. Do not go anywhere near Myperfectwords they will rinse you and leave you out to dry. SCAMMERS!!

  8. Don’t use this bunch of low lives to write a paper for you. They are nothing but liars, cheats and cowardly scammers hiding behind a key board. They take your money and deliver a paper that is absolute garbage like they are. They will promise you the world but it’s a complete hoax! Any positive reviews you might read are written by themselves.

  9. “MyPerfectWords” is really SHARKPAPERS! Of course they have changed name because “Sharkpapers” has such dreadful and damning reviews, because they produce absolute rubbish!! They have written their own reviews on their website no doubt about that. And they most probably go under other names too so they can SCAM you out of your money!! MyPerfectWords are nothing but SCAMMERS!! Students work so hard for their qualifications but on occasions run out of time. These people have no conscience whatsoever!!

  10. It is scam. Please don’t use this website!You will not get the paper that you deserve. I recently made an order. The paper I received was poorly written. They didn’t read and use the materials I requested. I asked for a revision, and I received the EXACT same paper as the original! Also, on their website they said 100% money back guarantee- this is bullshit. Once they have given you a terrible paper, they will not give you a cent back.

  11. I don’t know why they are called “my perfect words” but they used some inappropriate words in my essay. I would say that it was written not by a native speaker

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