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Expertwritinghelp Review

Having heard from some friends about the services offered by ExpertWritingHelp I decided to check them out and hire them to write a university paper.

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Table of contents

  1. About Expert Writing Help
  2. Services
  3. Prices
  4. Quality
  5. Customer Service
  6. Conclusion

Who Are Expert Writing Help?

As they seemed like a big business, I assumed they’d have someone ideal to do my paper. It seems that they offer a bunch of services that are super easy to order, but it’s a bit of a scam as their ‘experts’ do not live up to expectations.


I kind of trusted them because they didn’t just write essays and papers for different levels of education, but they’d also proofread them. I figured that the writers must be high quality if they would critique other work, so I figured was legit and safe to use. I decided to sign up, create an account, and the next time I went to log in/sign in I made my order, for what I thought was a custom essay.


Prices and Discounts

It’s hard to say exactly as there are lots of factors that make a difference to price – the higher level of education and how fast you need it are the biggest factors. Like most students, I only used the service when I was desperate and had little time, so my 3000 word paper in 2 days cost $275. There was a discount code available as part of a promotion, but this was only 10%, so the prices are quite high. If I’d needed this in a matter of hours I’d have ended up paying $500 – or even more for a longer essay.

Quality of Papers

Unfortunately, I couldn’t even hand in the paper they sent me. I probably spent as much time re-writing and making changes as if I’d just written it myself. They’ll make revisions for free, but these are very minor. The main hint that the quality is low is that Expert Writing Help will offer to do a lot of work in three hours – there’s no time to make something good, they prioritize profit. quality

Customer Support

It’s almost impossible to find a way to contact them, no phone number, no email, and very little support when you have a problem. I couldn’t get a refund for my bad paper, and I’m sure their advertising is on the border of illegal/legal as they do not live up to expectations.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

I had to leave a review to warn others from using this site, which I would rate as 2/10. The prices were high and the quality was low. If you don’t have time to write or edit your own papers, look for help somewhere other than this website.

Rated: 1.7

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  1. I am SO mad that I didn’t look at these reviews first, as I am now a member of the “SCAMMED BY” group. I asked for help to supplement a paper, that I had already started and had a good start on, but a family member took ill and I needed help. These people actually added sources for in-text citing to original words that didn’t even appear in the articles. They also copied the introduction and put as the conclusion and changed four (4) words….only one word comes to mind when thinking of them…. PATHETIC.

  2. Fake! Don’t believe them. They accept to do a work and later they say the work is too much you need to pay extra. First they told me it’s 20$ then they increased it to 90$ . Worst service. Scammers.

  3. They are scammers, the job they did looked like they didn’t even read the instructions. That’s disgusting, be careful!

  4. Paid in full and the quality of work was really bad. Don’t waste your time and money find someone else.
    BAD BAD BAD BAD don’t use them!

  5. they keep charging my card and I can’t stop it!!! everyday they charge $5-10, support doesn’t respond.

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