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Students around the world are finding it more and more difficult to find the information they need to complete their set assignments during their academic years. The internet is filled with so much rubbish content these days and so much information that could be false; it’s hard to find reliable sources.

However, that’s where websites such as CollegeHelp.Club come in to help. By with so many academic help sites available, how can you be sure which one is right for you?

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Table of contents

  1. Services – 4/10
  2. Pricing – 3/10
  3. Content Quality – 4/10
  4. Customer Support – 2/10
  5. Conclusion – 3/10

Services – 4/10

College Help Club offers six main services. These include; proofreading & editing, study assistance, plagiarism checking, study guides, confidentiality and a section aptly named ‘Any Other College Help’. As you can see from the later options, these are very broad and may just be an excuse to try and get money out of students.

However, the main services can be vital for a student, so we’ll focus on the effectiveness of them.

college help club review

Pricing – 3/10

Since there is no dedicated pricing page on the website or even any clear mention of price, I’m instantly led to believe that the website is expensive. In fact, the only way you can really find an accurate quote for your work is by making your way through the order process.

As a rough guideline, a ten-page essay with a 5-day deadline written to a Master’s degree will set you back just under $270. This is a huge amount of money to pay, especially when you consider that many students use services when they have run out of time. A three-day deadline will set you back around $290, far too much for a student living on a tight budget.

Content Quality – 4/10

Referring to the testimonials page, you’ll find a selection of reviews that claim how amazing the service is that the website provides. However, this page hasn’t been updated since March 2017, leading me to believe that the website has a quality problem.

Searching online, my fears were confirmed. There are countless reports of a poor-quality service that the website provides. There are claims that the ordered essays were delivered far past the proposed deadline. Additionally, there are reports of high levels of plagiarism and poor written English, despite the native English-speaking claims that the website has. how it works

Customer Support – 2/10

There are very few ways to contact the website if you need them. There’s no dedicated contact page, only a couple of options in the website footer. There’s a US phone that will be expensive for any users calling from outside the US. There’s also one support email address and a live chat service. However, this is it.

Imagine if you’ve urgently discovered a problem with your content yet the lines are all busy. In short, you won’t receive the help you require.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on CollegeHelp.Club

Overall, I was very disappointed with the service that CollegeHelp.Club provides. The website is very misleading when it comes to the services that it provides, and the prices are too high. With improvements to certain aspects, such as the quality of the content and the lack of support option, this could be a very good website. In the meantime, I highly advise taking your business to a more reputable website.

Rated: 1.9

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  1. 28th of November (Thursday) I’ve spoken with advisor and on my request (my assignment was due 30th 8am which was mention in messages multiple times), he created an order for me for almost $115. I’ve checked status 29th at 11pm and progress bar was showing 45%, so I’ve spoken with and advisor and was assured that this number ‘’doesn’t actually show the exact writing process’’ so I shouldn’t be worried and paperwork will be ready on time. At 10am deadline day I’ve checked the status of my order and it showed 68% instead of 100%! I’ve asked advisor what’s going on as the assignment should be uploaded 2 hours ago and been told that there is almost 15hrs until the deadline! Advisors tried to blame on me for wrongly created order, but after very long discussion with advisors and showing them screenshots from our conversation (so glad I didn’t delete anything!) they’ve admitted it was their fault and same day at 4.30pm the assignment was ready to download (which was 8 hours delayed).

    Because of the delay, my paperwork was marked not within a few days as everybody else, but after the Christmas break 17th of January and online results showed ridiculously less than 50% (I’ve paid almost $115 for it). I’ve contacted advisor same day but due to our office closure I was managed to collect the paperwork and share result fully yesterday – I’ve made pictures of marked paperwork + I’ve downloaded answer sheet provided by lecturer to compare the answers. I was expecting explanations about that from advisors but been told there is only 14days to complain and case can’t be reopened (I would complain earlier but due to late submission – mark was uploaded so late), so basically it was middle finger pointed at me – they had the cash so I should f* off and be happy that I’ve received anything. I’m so scared now as I’ve submitted 2 more assignments from them and still waiting for the results…

    I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE, THEY ARE KIND JUST ON THE BEGINNING BEFORE YOU PAY THEM. It was wasted $115 which won’t be even partially refunded for very very poor paperwork.

    MESSAGE TO NEW CUSTOMERS – Long story short: Avoid this website, expensive and poor quality of paperwork.

  2. the revised paper is still bad. the fact this was revised 3 times and is still bad… simply bad…..last document i submitted from you guys got me a 30% i paid 130+ for that one

  3. they charge super big bucks for a shitty work, and fail deadlines extremely.

    fortunately I got a refund, partial, but still.

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