Best Essay Writing Services in AU

best essay writing services in AU

This is the guide to find the best Australian essay writing services in 2023.

Top Rated Australian Essay Writing Services

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Here I’ll cover:

  1. Australian Essay Writing Services
  2. Why Do You Need an Essay Writing Service?
  3. Who Can Use Custom Essay Writing Services in AU?
  4. Top 3 AU Writing Services
  5. How Custom Essay Writing Work?
  6. How to Choose the Best Writing Service
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Australian Essay Writing Services

Students of Australia rejoice. We all know that education is getting harder and more intensive every single year that passes. The lectures become longer, and the workloads heavier. You’re being set more work to do outside of lessons, but then expected to go to meetings and join in with extra-curriculum activities at the same time.

Then you have your social life and exercising and cooking and looking after yourself and having downtime, all of which are essential for good mental health.

What gives? How does anyone expect you to get everything done in time, and achieve the grades expected to pass your course or subjects when you’re trying to live a healthy life? To save and reduce the risk of anxiety and to help you along your way, this is where essay writing services come into play.

In today’s guide, we’re going to explore everything you need to know about these essential services. We’re going to cover why you need these services, how they work, and how you can pick the best one to suit you.

Why Do You Need an Essay Writing Service?

As we mentioned before, if you’re a student looking to pass your course or academic year and you need someone to do my assignment or just need essay help, you’ll want to look for the top essay writing service Australia has to offer that not only provides quality content directly to your inbox but does so at an affordable and cheap price.

The chances are you’re not made of money, right?

So, if you’re struggling with your academic work in any way, shape, or form, you can probably benefit what Australian essay writers’ services are offering. But, before you just jump in and spend your money on the first service you find, like all industries and businesses out there, not all of them are going to be suitable for you.

There are websites that claim to be the best essay writing services but are actually illegitimate scams. They may deliver poor quality content. They may take your money and not deliver content, effectively robbing you. They may overcharge you a huge amount of money when you can get the content cheaper elsewhere.

What’s more, a custom essay writing service simply might not be suitable. After all, as an Australian student, if you’re using a French custom essay service, they may not format or create content suitable for Australian academic guidelines.

This is why it pays to look for the best custom essay writing service to suit you.

Who Can Use Custom Essay Writing Services in AU?

Anybody can use a custom essay writing service in Australia, but it will all depend on what service you’re after. Most leading services will cover all academic levels, ranging from high school all the way up to Ph.D. level. However, you’ll need to check each website to see what they’re offering.

In short, whether you’re a teacher looking for content, a graduate, senior student, in university, college, or high school, in an academy, in a tertiary graduation setting, aiming for a diploma, or in vocational training, you can enjoy what a paper writing service has to offer.

Top 3 AU Writing Services

To get you started on your hunt for the best custom essay writing services Australia, we’re going to explore three of the most popular writing services that many students consider the best and their go-to service you’re not going to want to ignore.


Essay Roo is, by far, one of the most popular writing services that offer everything you could ever want or need. From offering high-quality papers for students of academic level, affordable prices, customizable paper options, a comprehensive edits and revisions policy, and 100% original and plagiarism-free content, what else do you need?


As the title suggests, if you’re looking for academic content that’s specifically designed to meet and exceed all the expectations the Australian academic system has at any level of education, Lia Help is well worth your attention and should be at the top of your list.

With a smart pricing system and plenty of discounts available that ensure the content is always affordable, regardless of your budget, and a security guarantee to protect your identity and personal information, this is a custom essay writing service that puts you first.


With a collection of some of the best and most qualified writers and educators out of any custom essay paper writing service, over 100+ experts across all academic fields, and priding itself on a 95% customer satisfaction rate, there are clear reasons why Big Assignments is considered one of the best.

Designed specifically to handle Australian-based writing tasks, the order process has been made as simple as possible. This means you can effortlessly order content as and when you need it, ensuring you never have to worry about missing a deadline or not achieving the grades you need to pass your course.

How Custom Essay Writing Work?

Most custom essay writing services work in the same, or at least a similar, way to each other, which means ordering content should be easy. All you do is head over to your website of your choosing and head over to the order form, where you’ll need some key information to place an order.

Typically, you’ll choose what academic level you want the paper to be written to, what kind of academic paper you’re after, what deadline you want, and what kind of format you want the work produced in.

Most best assignment writing services will offer a range of choices for each, such as all academic levels and deadline options ranging from several hours to a month. The longer you can wait for your essay, the more affordable it will be.

It’s always worth looking out for what kind of assignment types are available. For example, the key service may just be essays, but if you want presentations, thesis, dissertations, term papers, book reports, lab reports, admission essays, term papers, and more, you need to make sure these are offered.

Furthermore, if you require a specific citation format, you’ll need to make sure these are offered. The standard formats you should find available and will on our best-of services above include; APA, Harvard, Chicago, AMA, and MLA.

How to Choose the Best Writing Service

So, you know what custom essay writing services have to offer, and you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of what they have to offer, now what? Out of hundreds of services and websites, how can you be sure you’re spending your money in the right and can guarantee to get the content that’s right for you.

The fewer problems you have, the more beneficial the service, right? Let’s get into it.

See What’s Offered

The absolute first step you’ll want to take is making sure the service and papers you’re after are actually on offer. Taking what we spoke about in the paragraph above, you need to make sure the exact content you’re after is supported and can be written by the service of your choosing.

For example, if you a term paper is written to an AMA format, you can’t just choose MLA format and hope for the best. You need to make sure your Australian writing service can provide exactly what you need.

Check Pricing

Then, once you’ve found a few sites that can offer that, you’ll want to compare prices. Many websites will offer extras that you’re going to want on top of the standard price you’re being quoted. This may include essential services, such as a plagiarism report, professional proofreading, and a list of sources where the information came from to ensure it’s genuine and legitimate.

Check Reviews

Always make sure you’re checking out the reviews for a website you like the look of before making a purchase. It’s important to ensure that the majority of customers in the past have had a good experience and got the content they’re after. You can also check out reviews from critics and review websites to see what they have to say and to see what features you should be looking out for.

Check Customer Service Team

Imagine placing an order for an essay you desperately need within a couple of days. You choose the website and place an order. Everything is okay, and you’re good to go. However, during the time it’s being written, something comes up. This could be a change in requirements, something you missed, or the deadline approaches and you still haven’t received your content.

What do you do?

Well, as you would with any business, you’d contact the company to see what’s up, but more problems arise if you can’t actually get in touch with the writing service. This is why it’s so important to check what methods of communication you have access too and whether you’ll be able to stay in touch when you need to.

Confirming Your Preferred Website

Once you’ve found a custom essay writing service that fits the bill and meets all your requirements, you’re good to go! Just place your order, chat the team, and your designated writer about what you need, and you’ll have your content in no time at all!

Frequently Asked Questions

To finish off our complete guide to choosing the best custom essay writing services for yourself, we’re going to answer five of your most sought-after questions that you’ll want to know the answers too.

Is using a custom essay writing service illegal?

Of course not. If it was illegal to buy and use essay papers, then these websites would be shut down. There is a controversy among professors as to whether these services should be allowed but, by law, there’s nothing illegal about selling model essays, and there’s nothing illegal about handing them in.

How do you know if a custom essay writing service is genuine?

As we’ve discussed above, there are plenty of features and services you can look for to ensure the website is legitimate, genuine, and won’t rip you off. Hand in hand with looking at customer reviews, look for things like how old the website copyright is, and how recent their reviews are.

You may also want to look at things like website security and whether the service will encrypt and protect your personal and financial information. Also, go with your gut instinct. If a website looks dodgy and you don’t feel like you can trust it, then you’re probably right.

What’s an average price for a custom essay writing service (per page)?

Of course, this is going to depend on what custom essay writing service you choose to use, and the prices will vary dramatically depending on the quality, the deadline, the academic level, and so on. This makes it hard to pin down an exact average price of what you can expect.

However, as a rule of thumb, for a mid-academic level (say Masters) with an average deadline of seven days written to an acceptable Pass quality, you can expect to pay around $15-$25 per page.

How do you know if your writer is qualified?

While most professional custom essay writing services will only pair you up and work you with writers who are qualified in the subject you’re asking for, of course, you’re probably going to want to make sure the writer isn’t just anybody off the street, but someone who’s actually qualified.

The best thing you can do here is just to ask. Nine times out of ten, you’ll find that the websites provide you with a writer’s profile or description anyway, so you can see exactly who your writer is and whether they’re cut out for the job.

What happens if the content isn’t good?

If the content you receive isn’t up to scratch, doesn’t get the mark you want, or doesn’t read as you would expect it too, all you need to do is get in contact with the customer service team who should be more than happy to help you. In most cases, they’ll either rewrite or adjust your existing paper, so it’s right, and you may even be entitled to a discount or a refund, depending on the company’s privacy and refund policy.

This is why you should always check these pages before making a purchase, so you know exactly what you’re entitled too!

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