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MHR Writer bill themselves as a legit, professional writing service that you can trust. With so many illegal/legal scam sites out there though, can you really believe them? This review has everything you need to know before you place that order.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – 4/10
  2. Quality of Writers – 4/10
  3. Prices – 5/10
  4. Deadlines – 6/10
  5. Customer Service – 5/10
  6. Conclusion – 5.1/10

Services – 4/10

There are plenty of writing services you can order from the MHRWriter website. There’s the regular academic ones, such as essays, reports, and dissertations. You can also get different services, such as story writing or book reviews. There’s certainly a lot on offer, but it leads us to wonder whether you’d really get a writer who can handle all of these different writing styles.

mhrwriter review

Quality of Writers – 4/10

Some customers have said they made sure to sign up for an account to get a good essay, and they got something that really helped them. Others, though, weren’t so lucky. They say that their essays were poorer quality, and some were resold essays, or contained plagiarism. This is something that you can’t tolerate as a customer, especially when universities now are so hot on plagiarism.

Prices – 5/10

The average essay bought on writing sites is a 2:1 standard undergraduate essay, 2 pages long, delivered within 10 days. With, this will cost you £28.30. That’s not a bad price, it comes out as average compared to other sites. As far as we can see, though, there’s no discount deal or promotion code available if you login/sign in to the site.

Deadlines – 6/10

You know that a good writing sites needs to be able to deliver on time, or you can’t rely on them. By and large, MHR Writer have been shown to be able to keep up with deadlines. A small number of student reviews have said they received their essays late, but this could be put down to a couple of writers not being able to keep up with demand. pricing

Customer Service – 5/10

If you need help, the customer support team is ready to support you. There’s a free contact number, or you can get in touch through the website. Customers say they’re very good at answering questions, but there have been issues to their refund policy, which is actually much stricter than advertised. It’s worth taking a look at the 100% money back guarantee before you place that order.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

MHRWriter do seem to be a safe place you can order your essay from. The only issue seems to be in the quality of the writing, as it’s not always consistent. Looking at past reviews, we can see that this probably down to a small group of writers maybe not being as good as they could be. All in all though, you cannot get a good essay here.

Rated: 1.9

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  1. They have been given specific instructions on the assignment. They wrote something completely unrelated to the requirement but filled it with a chain of pretentious words to create the illusion of smart work. When asked the for a refund they immediately became evasive, delaying for days on end, in fact I still have’t got my money back.I believe this is a scam!

  2. They provided poor quality work on a higher price, they do not have native English writers which they stated via customer support, poor support over the phone and worst english while on chat. Call center agent english is worst then I have ever talked. I guess they are scamming and stealing money.

  3. maybe it’s coincidence, but I started receiing some strange spam emails after ordering here.

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