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With high level promises and guarantees such as skilled writers, no plagiarism and fast turnaround times, Graduate Way appears to be a writing solution service that ticks all the boxes. However, delving a little deeper into the mechanics of the website, you’ll soon discover this is simply a mask for a poor service provider complimented by outrageous prices.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – Limited Selection
  2. Pricing – Terrible Writer Bidding System
  3. Content Quality – One of the Worst I Had Ever Seen
  4. Customer Service – Faulty Live Chat Service<
  5. Conclusion

Services – Limited Selection

Firstly, you’ll soon notice the complete lack of a services or pricing page. As you’d expect, when making an order, the type of services covered is fairly minimal. Although the majority of key services are provided by GraduateWay, there are around 30+ that, when compared to some of the leading sites that can offer 50+, is fairly limited and would not be suitable for students looking for a permanent writing solution that covers all the bases.

essays.graduateway review

Pricing – Terrible Writer Bidding System works by making an order and then allowing the writers who work for the website to bid their best price for your job. You can then select from the proposals which writer you want to complete your task. Although there’s a seemingly dedicated review system, it’s plainly obvious that the writers have fake names and potentially fake reviews.

Casting my doubts aside, I ordered a ten page Law essay, written to a PhD level to be delivered in three days. My job requests ranged from $156 to $470 and included various qualities of work. Trying to find a good average, I chose a writer who proposed the job around $300. Although the average price, students can find much cheaper alternatives from the leading writing solution sites.

Content Quality – One of the Worst I Had Ever Seen

To make a long story short, the article I received, as well as being four days late, was one of the worst essays I had ever seen, especially considering how much the service cost. There was absolutely no sentence or paragraph structure, awful spelling and grammar errors in nearly every sentence.

Not only does this lead me to believe that the writer was not a Native English speaker as promised by the site, but I also assume that this website is operating illegitimately and is just looking for ways to take large amounts of money from people without providing the service they promise. review

Customer Service – Faulty Live Chat Service

Returning to the to air my complaints and to request a refund, I was shocked but unsurprised to find that there is no way to contact the company. There is a complete lack of contact page meaning there’s no phone number, social media accounts or even an email address.

There is, however, a live chat feature that states that the support teams are available 24/7. This is simply a lie as, after numerous attempts, I’m still trying to talk to an advisor or even connect to their system.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

My experience with Essays GraduateWay is hands down one of the worst I have ever had. With a complete lack of services, no good quality work in sight and a complete lack of customer service, I believe Graduate Way to be a scam and just out to take advantage of the market and make some quick cash. My advice, choose one of the leading sites and be safe in the knowledge that your money is being well spent.

Rated: 2.5

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  1. they say NO to plagiarism, but keep sending plagiarized papers. just read the reviews and you won’t use this service at all.

  2. What?! $13 per page!!! Are you crazy?!

    It supposed to be just sample essays site, but they are selling them! And the price is hideous.

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