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I know college is meant to be about academics, but for me, and a lot of people like me, there’s a lot of pressure on sports teams and practice. The social and training commitments meant I missed a few classes and fell behind on assignments, so I decided to take a leaf out of my teammates’ book and use an essay writing service. Unfortunately the website I found was Essay Crate, and they turned out to be a scam. I can’t say for sure if they’re illegal/legal, but hopefully after this review you’ll avoid them.

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Table of contents

  1. Services – Hard To Say What They Do
  2. Quality of Writers – Low Levels of English
  3. Prices – Overpriced for Low Quality
  4. Deadlines – Impossibly Quick Turnaround
  5. Customer Service – No Support at All
  6. Conclusion

Services – Hard To Say What They Do

I decided to sign up and make an account then I had to fill out an order form. I just had to hope that they had a writer to cover my subject as there was no list of topics that they could work on, and no option for what level I wanted.

essay crate review

Quality of Writers – Low Levels of English

When I ordered an essay from, I expected it to be amazing, and good enough to hand straight in to my professor. Instead, the essay was badly written and sounded like it had been translated. I think parts of it were plagiarized, and parts had just been tweaked by someone who didn’t know that much about the subject.

Prices – Overpriced for Low Quality

When I filled out the order form, I was given the price, which I thought was high, but I was willing to pay for what I believed would be a great paper. There was no discount code or promotion that I could apply, instead I had to dig into my savings, which turned out to be a waste of money. I knew this wasn’t a great deal, but I was desperate at the time.

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Deadlines – Impossibly Quick Turnaround

I chose to have a long turnaround time for my paper, as I realized early that I was overwhelmed. But there was the option to have long papers completed in a matter of hours, which should have shown Essay Crate was a scam – it’s not possible to do good work in that amount of time.

Customer Service – No Support at All

I wanted a refund for the terrible paper I received, but there was no response from the contact number or email address that was provided. I’ve tried to login/sign in and complain a bunch of times but it hasn’t helped.

Mary Walton’s conclusion on

This website looks legit, so I felt safe when I made my order. Unfortunately the website and how it was presented was totally misleading. The best free advice I can give anyone is to do research and read plenty of reviews before you pick an essay writing service, and definitely don’t pick EssayCrate.

Rated: 2.7

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  1. just don’t use it, find another essay service. the paper I received had such a poor quality! it’s like my sister wrote it, and she is only 10.

  2. Just used these guys, the essay turned out pretty bad. Low C, I’m used to getting A’s…it turned out bad I guess.

  3. my friend used this site. and he said that the teacher saw that it was not his work because there were used some strange phrases that are not common in US English.
    probably some African writer wrote his essay, lol

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