Do We Need Art In Our Lives

Do We Need Art In Our Lives

No one will be surprised to hear that the arts are under fire in this day and age. Any child who expresses an interest in pursuing a career in the arts is advised to pursue other talents instead. We view the arts as something of a hobby, something that’s fun but certainly can’t pay the rent. If it’s not a useful skill, no wonder arts funding is being slashed in schools. Do we really need art in our lives?

In schools, time and money is at a premium, now more than ever. With teachers having to fit so many lessons into every day, it’s easy to see why art is dropping more and more by the wayside. Budgets are dropping at an alarming rate too, and what school is going to drop teaching in essential subjects such as math or science when they can drop art instead?

It seems as though the loss of art in daily life is a sad fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s actually a lot of practical uses for art for many people. For example, art therapy has helped people with a range of illnesses, both mental and physical, cope with their symptoms. Art is found almost anywhere you look in your home. Practical items, such as bedspreads, furniture or clothing, are all art forms in themselves and evoke emotions in the people interacting with them.

Art also gives us insight into the world at large. History tells us what happened and when it happened, but it can’t tell us how the population at large felt about it. That’s where art steps in. We know a lot about how people in the past lived and worked, because their art has given us such a deep insight into their daily lives. We wouldn’t have that insight without it.

Most of all though, we need art in our lives as it gives us a form of self expression. Being able to talk about our feelings is essential to staying healthy. You many not think you talk about your feelings, but you may express them in other ways. Some like to cook or bake, some like to work on machinery, and others may like to paint or draw. Whatever you like to do in your spare time, you’re probably creating art every day.

So, do we need art in our lives? Many people would say no, but the art they’re thinking of is the art you see in galleries. Art is actually much more accessible and is truly needed in everyday life. It helps those in need, gives people in the future an idea of what life was like, and is a vital form of self expression.

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  1. I am writing a persuasive essay on this topic and this made it easy for me to write. I’m a artist and I enjoy painting and writing ❤️. So I think art is very important for me because it helps not just me but many to get over the sad times of life.

  2. This is a question that anyone could answer differently. I am an artist and very much alive although people may have interesting opinions about art what if art did not exist at all? Would any of us know what was like before photography appeared, we shall say a big thanks to the artists before us,who left a great legacy! My father is an artist and also my daughter I will support them as much as I can because they have chosen this career! Yes it is a challenge when you encounter people that tell you that art is a Hobby! I think it is more than an act, music,food, and other expression it is a visual inner mind of our present life, our next generation will know what was like in our times based on artworks so for the one that is an artist do not give up or put it on the side we all need each other we learn from the past carry the present and shape the future! The artists of today can influence the days of tomorrow! Art history is a way to appreciate art so do we need art? Yes we do! Our every day life makes it so much more difficult to appreciate the arts but if you visit an art museum or gallery it will make you appreciate art and that time spent viewing it!

  3. I have been told not to pursue a career in art because of the income, but because in passionate and love it I would do it anyway. Now there are jobs that involve art like an art therapist or art teacher that could be a good option. This is a great article that shows how art is great in life and how it is needed.

  4. Of course we need art in our lives! Just imagine the dullness of it without all the literature, paintings and even movies!

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